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Rebounces Gives Old Tennis Balls A New Bounce "Rebounces is the match point of Grant Garland and an associate, discount imdur who together have developed a business employing a process to re-pressurize quality tennis balls that are no longer usable. Discount imdur These repurposed balls are thereupon sold to be used for either practice balls for lessons and tennis teams, discount imdur or for recreational purposes. Discount imdur In essence similar to the Nike slogan, discount imdur “Play on” as it pertains to recycling sneakers, discount imdur these tennis balls are given another life to bounce again. Over 300 million tennis balls are manufactured throughout the world each year according to the ITF (International Tennis Federation). Discount imdur If that is too hard to fathom, discount imdur just think how many tennis balls a tennis instructor uses when giving lessons. Discount imdur I remember since it was my job along with all the other kids to pick up all those balls at the end of the lesson. Discount imdur I swear there were thousands of them (probably more like 200 but as a kid having to groan about 200 balls would not have been as dramatic.) "Collecting tennis balls to be recycled is a great service club project for schools or any organization. Discount imdur Instituting it at a tennis club would even be better. Discount imdur Rebounces offers free shipping anywhere in the United States provided you collect more than 250 decent quality balls. Discount imdur (See update below.) The Company discourages sending them balls in which the felt has been removed, discount imdur torn, discount imdur or full of mud (i.e. Discount imdur from Fido) since they can’t repurpose them. Discount imdur The company will take shipments of any amount from anywhere in the world, discount imdur but the shipper must bear the cost." "This company is only in its infancy, discount imdur but already has the ball rolling. Discount imdur They have been contacted by GreenSlam, discount imdur an initiative led by Billy Jean King, discount imdur whose goal is “to make sports we love play environmentally fair.” Rebounces also plans to have collection receptacles at every tennis club and academy."  The entire article can be found at: