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Over 4, discount l tryptophan000 march in Kennebunkport  in anti war protest From Sunday's Portland (Maine) Press Herald KENNEBUNKPORT — A high-spirited but peaceful crowd of about 4, discount l tryptophan000 protesters marched through the streets of Kennebunkport on Saturday in the largest anti-war rally in town history. Discount l tryptophan "I don't know what else to do but march, discount l tryptophan" said Anne Chay, discount l tryptophan who was carrying a sign that read, discount l tryptophan "My son is still in Iraq." She walked with a Military Families Speak Out contingent. Discount l tryptophan "I've already called everyone in Washington. Discount l tryptophan I have the 1-800 numbers memorized, discount l tryptophan" she said. Discount l tryptophan Sweltering a bit in the muggy heat, discount l tryptophan the cheerful crowd represented the gamut, discount l tryptophan including military veterans and college students, discount l tryptophan first-time protesters and lifelong activists. Discount l tryptophan A young girl in a stroller held a sign reading, discount l tryptophan "War leaves every child behind, discount l tryptophan" not far from a dozen-strong cluster of the Ragin' Grannies, discount l tryptophan a crowd-pleasing group of older women who sing silly anti-war songs and ditties while dressed in flamboyant clothes and hats. Discount l tryptophan "I find humor is the most useful weapon, discount l tryptophan" said Joelen Mulvaney, discount l tryptophan who came by bus with a group from Vermont. Discount l tryptophan "This is a very, discount l tryptophan very important event, discount l tryptophan and we want grandmother Barbara (Bush) to know about alternatives to war. Discount l tryptophan She may not know about the alternatives because of who she hangs out with."



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