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The article below ordinarily wouldn't hold much interest for me in reading. The title and subject header of 'Holocaust denier'  evokes a level of dismissal and/or illegitimacy in my mind.   I tend not to waste moments focusing my energy on those who would choose to deny the Holocaust. What I've come to better understand however, discount male potency patch about this controversial subject most often labeled "Holocaust denial", discount male potency patch  is it certainly has ignited quite a reaction, discount male potency patch especially towards those who, discount male potency patch however you may disagree or agree with their views, discount male potency patch  choose to vocally and publicly question  the historical accounts and/or records which most of us have come to accept as fact. Discount male potency patch    Dr. Discount male potency patch Toben is apparently an educator by profession and an individual I came across when learning of his arrest.  From what I have read, discount male potency patch which has been rather limited, discount male potency patch Dr. Discount male potency patch Toben seems to hold the belief the some and/or much of the historical accounts and/or records pertaining to the Holocaust have been distorted to the degree that includes  various events and stories pertaining to the Holocaust, discount male potency patch including various events pertaining to the treatment and persecution of the Jews by the German people and SS police force. I have not had an opportunity to read in detail any of his writings. And frankly I don't find his writings as much of interest to me, discount male potency patch as I do the fact that somehow a political/historical belief someone publicly espouses has now in about seven countries been made into  a criminal offense. Discount male potency patch    When and by whom exactly?   How does someone become apprehended in London and potentially become a candidate for extradition to Germany for believing and publicly espousing  something others disagree with, discount male potency patch however emotionally charged the issue may or may not be? An act that to me seems outlandish and very concerning for citizens worldwide, discount male potency patch in a number of respects. Why would countries enforce laws that intimidate and assault someone's ability to merely express an opinion? Arresting someone for publicly contesting historical record seems to me to be a pretty dangerous, discount male potency patch  fear based action being taken against citizens today, discount male potency patch not to mention greatly threaten (make that another threat by the global elite*) our core freedoms and rights which are necessary in any healthy debate and society, discount male potency patch for that matter. Certainly if Dr. Discount male potency patch Toben is a charlatan and his theories have no basis in fact, discount male potency patch in part and/or in entirety, discount male potency patch his words and research will prove that in only a matter of time.                                                                         Australian 'Holocaust denier ' arrested at Heathrow claims he is victim of witch-hunt By James Slack 'Holocaust denier' Dr Frederick Toben, discount male potency patch who was arrested at Heathrow airport A leading holocaust denier who runs a website insisting the Nazis did not murder millions of Jews will face an extradition hearing tomorrow after being arrested as he flew into Britain. Dr Fredrick Toben was seized at Heathrow at the request of the German authorities for publishing 'anti-Semitic and/or revisionist' material between 2000 and 2004. Dr Toben - who claims to be facing a 'witch-trial' - has committed no crime in Britain, discount male potency patch where Holocaust denial is not an offence. But, discount male potency patch under the terms of a European Arrest Warrant designed to fast-track extraditions, discount male potency patch the Australian citizen can be held in the UK pending possible deportation to Germany - where he faces five years in prison. Crown Prosecution Service lawyers will appear at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court tomorrow to make a case on behalf of the German authorities that Dr Toben should be removed. Appearing in court shortly after he was arrested at Heathrow on Wednesday, discount male potency patch Dr Toben, discount male potency patch 64, discount male potency patch claimed the 'Germans are out to get me', discount male potency patch and said he was the victim of 'legal persecution'. Dr Toben said: 'It’s a witch-trial mentality in Germany concerning this matter, discount male potency patch which is not the case in England yet. 'You should let me go because this is persecution and you should not demean the court by accepting this application from [the German court]. 'The whole procedure is an abuse of process. Discount male potency patch I see this matter as a legal ambush. You would be subjecting me to a legal process you cannot defend yourself against. Discount male potency patch You can find the rest of the article at: