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Bravo for a Well Scripted Debate


Last night I joined others to watch the Vice Presidential ‘debate’. As many try and find comfort in the candidates’ words, discount propecia I hope others will have the insight to take the blinders off and view last night's performance for the theatrical display that it was. My conclusion?  The two candidates did their job, discount propecia which apparently was to maintain whatever cracked illusion is left of the vaudvillian Washington stage. Sarah did quite ‘beautifully’ did she not? She looked fabulous, discount propecia her make up impeccable, discount propecia which is all they seem to maintain as a priority for women. Joe Biden and his million dollar (literally) smile was put on camera for everyone to continue to see. And  Sarah’s or whoever’s clever scriptwriting was brilliant in focusing her return to that good ole “energy policy. Discount propecia We all know how much Mrs. Discount propecia Palin stays up at night thinking about that energy policy. Quite something being she never gave specifics.  There I go nit picking again…… I forgot that specifics are for the elite, discount propecia and/or the Council on Foreign Relations or some other Washington prestigious organization. Not apparently for us “American people” at large. The media was quick to tell us the candidates had no idea what the questions would be…… do you believe that after watching their performance? If so, discount propecia I have to say I’m spell bound by Sarah’s quick witted answers and ability to throw out such clever slogans at the same time.   Don’t tell me there’s not a real brain working there. Discount propecia    And even if there was an ear piece, discount propecia  she only looked down when on cue to scribble rather furiously while making sure to look up and smile and nod in polite disagreement at the appropriate moments. I don’t know about you, discount propecia but that sure seems vice presidential to me. Discount propecia And as Sarah said last night, discount propecia everybody knows  what the vice president does anyway. Discount propecia Well, discount propecia if we didn't before, discount propecia we have it down pact now, discount propecia don't we? I have to say, discount propecia due to my past seven years, discount propecia going over to my friends’ house for a debate can be an interesting venture. It’s difficult because I have a different perspective and experience than those around me. Discount propecia I won’t go into the unecessary details of my experiences in dealing with the wonderful world of harassment and intimidation by Homeland Security and Michael Chertoff, discount propecia along their minions and paid recruits who continue to monitor my comings and goings and how that has affected my overall perspective on our freedom of speech, discount propecia or lack thereof. As I have said before, discount propecia I digress. On another indirect experiential note, discount propecia recently my friend’s mother and brother were evacuated from the Gulf coast for the second time in two years. My friend’s brother lost his house in Katrina and her mother has watched her home and real estate dwindle, discount propecia not to mention the overall structure of her weather beaten casa and decades old pine trees which were removed before she was allowed to arrive back to her home. The continued fear of the next evacuation to be mandated, discount propecia the concerns of what to take when being evacuated again, discount propecia and will my house be there when I return?  In addition, discount propecia why have evacuations become such a more standardized policy within the last few years? Their circumstances they’ve experienced have been traumatizing, discount propecia perhaps less in comparison to some of the lives and houses inexplicably lost in Katrina, discount propecia not to mention Galveston which have been thoroughly censored by our “mainstream media”, discount propecia who continues to black out the events happening on the Gulf coast. Correction, discount propecia some of their local media has attempted as much as they’ve been able to reveal the situation in Galveston and surrounding areas, discount propecia which in truth, discount propecia if you and I knew, discount propecia we’d be less apt to applaud such candidates we saw tonight, discount propecia as they are part of the same system which covers up such atrocities happening in our own country. This is your country folks. More than anything this is your future. If they can black out and/or suppress the questions that continue to surround the actual truth regarding the events that occurred on 9/11, discount propecia  along with the traumatic and unnecessary events surrounding Katrina, discount propecia and so many other things, discount propecia how important are you as a citizen? Really? In truth, discount propecia you and I are as important as we see ourselves.   NOT in how “they” project the televised version of the “American people”. It’s up to you and I to legitimize our lives as citizens, discount propecia not to grant them power to do if for us in Washington D.C. Discount propecia Because rest assured, discount propecia they won’t Its a responsibility that you and I must own. To own that, discount propecia how much does it benefit us to invest in those who essentially have proven they have little if any investment in us as citizens? No matter what they profess in their bought and paid for speeches. How have their words and speeches truly supported us when the legislation they have passed has done essentially everything to disempower us as citizens? Tonight in the debate, discount propecia the questions, discount propecia ever skillfully avoiding our eroding infrastructure in our own country, discount propecia were quick to bring up our governments allegiance to Israel and to the horrors happening in Darfur. I have to ask, discount propecia what does that say to our own intrinsic value as tax paying Americans, discount propecia that they avoid addressing our own tragedies and devasations in order to prioritize other countries, discount propecia by which many of us (nor can they) cant even locate on a map?    This is not to say their tragedies aren’t of equal importance, discount propecia to them.   Of course they are. However, discount propecia somehow Washington’s priorities seem to be moving further and further away from our own nation. Discount propecia What does it say about the myriad of events that have threatened our livelihoods here? The Iowa floods that destroyed towns and who knows how many homes (because we didn’t hear that much about it?) ? And the San Diego fires where homes were evacuated but so little covered afterwards? And the increasing number of tent cities that our media continues to conveniently avoid? Forgive me if I’ve omitted other areas of importance which have been affected in our nation. Discount propecia No mention whatsoever of these ‘national emergencies’ which were virtually unprecedented in the treatment of American citizens. Discount propecia No.  No bleep on Sarah’s or Joe’s radar.   Although they were ready to reveal to us their own personal sacrifices. Certainly anyones’ personal sacrifices are important. However, discount propecia when one specifically addresses their own personal and potential loss(es)  in the absence of so many other events of suffering of loss by Americans, discount propecia and citizens worldwide.   (They failed to ever address the imprisonment of millions of Palestinians due to Israel’s military occupation of the region ).  What do these ommissions say to us? Tonight worried me…… yet again. Some of my friends I’m sure think I am too opinionated and/or brash. I have to agree with them. After a series of awakenings, discount propecia  I am indeed opinionated and brash at times. I would make a request to others that we wouldn’t carry such a burden if you would speak up more as well and help us out. In addition does someone have knowledge of the appropriate time we are supposed to bring such glaring issues up? Because I will show up for the appropriate time to air such grievances. However, discount propecia there seems to be a lack of available venues. As I watched tonight, discount propecia I was insulted to my core. As were others. Who does such censorship and dumbing down of the American population help and aid in the long run? Ask yourself that question, discount propecia if you care. Perhaps that is why “they” see me as such a threat. “They” being apparently a collective they. “We” need to wake up and start taking more effective action. “We” better start creating more dialog and asking questions with others about what’s happening in our world, discount propecia other than avoiding such important topics and choosing to talk about gardening and safe topics like who we are going to “vote” for. Shouldn’t we ask, discount propecia is our vote going to count?   And how do we even know it’s going to be counted? Our vote is our voice. It is our power as a citizen. Discount propecia Let me repeat that it is OUR POWER as a citizen. Discount propecia If it is altered and/or eliminated in some way, discount propecia consider how that affects our power as citizens. If the debate tonight was in any way legitmate, discount propecia  then I failed to hear the questions which better would have addressed issues of concrete focus, discount propecia specifics, discount propecia and at the risk of appearing sentimental, discount propecia true compassion. Sarah Palin might have actually been confronted on her potential obstruction of justice and dealings with the ever sloganized issue of “troopergate”, discount propecia which appears to be much more than that, discount propecia but I guess that was inappropriate for prime time. Joe Biden could have been confronted on a myriad of things, discount propecia notwithstanding Bosnia, discount propecia which he actually had the gaul to address as something he feels he should be commended for. Their usage of such insulting terms like “surge” and their concern about Iran, discount propecia a country which has done nothing to warrant our focus.  However it happens to be another Middle Eastern country that many in our government are being goaded into depicting as evil and aggressive. How can any of us with a straight face talk about another country, discount propecia other than Israel and/or our own USA as being the aggressors? Surely I will probably be graced with more tax paid harassment and claims of ‘anti-semitism’ by the Anti-Defamation league, discount propecia in stating such a truth.  Yet I continue to hope individuals will begin to better see what is being done in our name, discount propecia to our reputation and our futures. The debate was a safe haven for corporate media and corporate politics which is what we watched tonight. True to form, discount propecia I watched and got exactly what I expected. Perhaps a little bit more.