Discount Torsemide

Where have all the Shannon’s gone? CONNIE SHANNON A year ago August, discount torsemide I decided to return to Dallas for a Family Reunion. It was a decision I wouldn’t make until a week before the reunion was planned. I remember being outside on my back deck a week before and feeling a strong nudge from somewhere out there that I should go back, discount torsemide  suit up and show up for my parents, discount torsemide who are both deceased and who would have wanted me to make the trip. As well I felt a need and desire to represent the Shannon side of the family, discount torsemide which is rather slim in number. Looking back a year later, discount torsemide if not before, discount torsemide I am aware of how significant that trip was for me to take. I received much clarity from my weekend back in Big D. It had been quite a while since I had returned, discount torsemide other than a couple of days a few months before in route a vacation to Mexico. I had my reasons for not returning, discount torsemide due to some situations with a couple of family members, discount torsemide but I concluded now was an appropriate time to head back and hopefully reconnect and mend some rather tethered fences. When I returned home and saw my brother at the airport, discount torsemide it was a welcomed sight and immediately comfortable. My brother can make me laugh easier than anyone can. I reacclimated to the surroundings and my roots with each familiar face I saw. Discount torsemide   I appreciated how much I had missed my family and was grateful to be back and seeing old surroundings again. I had been missed too.  I was back home.  It felt good. At the same time I knew I was falling back into that world all too fast and easily. Discount torsemide That weekend, discount torsemide I saw my Waco cousins whom I revere for many reasons and who are always so warm and lovely in all senses of the word.  And perhaps more than anything, discount torsemide I had the opportunity to see my precious nieces and nephews who had grown leaps and bounds since I’d last seen them, discount torsemide and who I miss more than I can ever adequately express. The Reunion parties themselves were terrific as I knew they were going to be.  My sister in law Sarah Jane and her gift of creating amazing displays of food was its usual sight for sore eyes, discount torsemide and all in all it was a chance to have some face time with family members I hadn’t seen in years (literally), discount torsemide  some cousins of whom I had never even met, discount torsemide who had grown into lovely young grown ups. We also all made it to lunch at my nephew’s famous burger restaurant close to SMU which has been a great success. As lovely as everything was, discount torsemide and as nice and important it was to see everyone, discount torsemide  one of the problematic ‘elephants’ had stationed itself on the family reunion route and was not to be ignored during the weekend. The ‘elephant’ involves a situation which was spawned over 6 years ago, discount torsemide when my brother contacted me here in Los Angeles, discount torsemide rather out of the blue, discount torsemide to sign a document which involved and allowed the transmittal of my entire Shannon family from Restland to Sparkman Hillcrest Cemetary. The reason was due to the fact my oldest (half) brother had come up with the idea, discount torsemide and decision, discount torsemide of  effectively bringing all families together in one unified space at Sparkman-Hillcrest. I remember at the time not understanding why such a move was necessary, discount torsemide or quite honestly, discount torsemide very  respectful of the choice my Grandfather Shannon made in purchasing property at Restland for his family.   Not to mention how other  deceased relatives from other families might feel being uprooted, discount torsemide so to speak. Additionally I had a sentimental attachment to Restland and more specifically the place where my relatives, discount torsemide including my father, discount torsemide had been buried. Discount torsemide I had not known my Aunt Connie, discount torsemide who I was named after, discount torsemide or my Grandmother Cora, discount torsemide and it gave me a place to come and in my way connect with where I came from. When I lived in Dallas, discount torsemide I visited Restland at least twice a year. The Shannons were buried next to the Wildwood Chapel where I remember my Grandfather’s service took place, discount torsemide and is pictured above. In the end, discount torsemide largely due to the fact I was no longer living there, discount torsemide and perhaps more importantly not to ignite what would have become a confrontation with my brothers, discount torsemide  I signed the Agreement to have the Shannon family transferred. Six years later (or five and a half), discount torsemide I found myself at the Sparkman Hillcrest cemetary, discount torsemide where all the families were buried. After we had arrived and viewed the areas where the Leachman relatives had been buried, discount torsemide I, discount torsemide obviously, discount torsemide  wondered and was anxious to see where the Shannons were buried, discount torsemide especially because there had been the push to move them there years back. I asked my brother Jim where they were located. He took me across the street to a significantly smaller area than where  they were previously placed at Restland and I didn’t see them, discount torsemide until I observed small, discount torsemide round cannisters with the words “Shannon” typed or written on the top of them. There were no markers or gravestones. There was nothing really. Well, discount torsemide the Shannon family was ‘present’, discount torsemide at least in terms of the transferral. This included my Grandfather Shannon, discount torsemide my Grandmother Shannon/Walsen, discount torsemide my Aunt Connie, discount torsemide and my Father and still born twins which I have always assumed came from my father’s previous marriage, discount torsemide but I cannot confirm. However, discount torsemide nobody else, discount torsemide including myself, discount torsemide would have ever known any Shannons, discount torsemide or anybody was buried there, discount torsemide unless I had asked my brother Jim, discount torsemide who was the one who originated the idea  the transferral of the Shannons from Restland to Sparkman. The Shannon family was moved over six years ago. To this day nothing has been done to respectfully and adequately represent my family. Some months back I wrote to my brother Manning about it, discount torsemide after much hesitancy. I went back last February to Sparkman Hillcrest when I was in town to see friends from high school. It was then that I couldn’t even find the cannister tops of my famlie’s ashes. It was only grass now. I was angry. It was a level of disrespect, discount torsemide which is frankly why I am compelled to write today. I lost my father when I was nineteen. I was a sophomore in college when he died.   I remember his service at the Highland Park United Methodist Church.   The main Chapel was completely full, discount torsemide including the balcony, discount torsemide for my father’s service.   My Father and my Grandfather had many friends. He was a gentle, discount torsemide wonderful man, discount torsemide who had his shortcomings as we all do. My father was a surgeon (and an artist) who interestingly received the Bronze Star during World War II when he was a young doctor in the Phillipines.  He never mentioned this to me or my brother when he was alive.   The medal was found in his press after he died. My grandfather, discount torsemide Manning Sr. Discount torsemide was an early Dallas businessman and an overall lover of life. Discount torsemide   He was the oldest living presidents of the Idlewild Club.  He lived to be 105, discount torsemide loved his afternoon bloody Marys, discount torsemide good conversation, discount torsemide to watch ‘his’ birds at the feeders in his back yard, discount torsemide and a street in Highland Park, discount torsemide Shannon Lane, discount torsemide was named after him.   I can honestly say my grandfather truly was liked, discount torsemide and loved by everyone who knew him.  He was a special person. My Aunt Connie who I mentioned I was named after, discount torsemide I, discount torsemide unfortunately, discount torsemide never had the opportunity to meet. She died before I arrived into the world. She had been a Dallas Idlewild Debutante and graduate of Sarah Lawrence. She married an Art Director by the name of John Detlie (correction made*) in Los Angeles, discount torsemide who rather abruptly divorced her after three years to then marry Veronica Lake, discount torsemide who he met while working on a film.  Connie apparently moved back to Dallas and lived out the remainder of her life there.  Back at the Sparkman cemetary during the Reunion weekend I remember standing across the street trying to understand what felt humiliating in for my family being a “family reunion”.   It didn’t make sense. Discount torsemide My brother Charles stood by me that day I remember.  I believe he understood.     Flash forward to today. A year later.   I’ve heard nothing. When I contacted my brother Manning as to details he gave no adequate explanations really. Additionally the request he made for me to pay for new gravestones left me a bit perplexed not to mention numb, discount torsemide being that the intitial choices two of my brothers created, discount torsemide in my opinion should never have occurred. We still have the burial places at Restland, discount torsemide where I believe the Shannon family should now be returned to their rightful place by the Wildwood Chapel and respected for the choice my Grandfather Shannon orignally made and paid, discount torsemide for so he could fulfill his duty as family guardian with pride and confidence in knowing his family would be able to rest comfortably and in a quiet, discount torsemide lovely setting.  One of my brothers told me it doesn’t matter to them where they are after they die. And I would say to my brother, discount torsemide that if it didn’t matter to our Grandfather where they are after they die, discount torsemide why then would he invest his money and time and investment to create a place for his family to be after they die?   Additionally why then were you and my other sibling concerned about bringing the family together, discount torsemide when you haven’t created an adequate place for the Shannons, discount torsemide after six years? It seems an official request is necessary now, discount torsemide after almost seven years and after other requests have been made to both of my brothers.  Here again, discount torsemide is my request.  A mistake has clearly been made, discount torsemide at the expense of my family’s legacy, discount torsemide the Shannon legacy.  It’s time to amend the mistake that has been made, discount torsemide and to make it right.  Revisions have been made since the original posting.