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Kate Geraghty and Paul McGeough are reknowned photojournalists working for the Sydney Morning Herald.  They were passengers on the Challenger 1, duetact overnight delivery one of the Freedom Flotilla boats, duetact overnight delivery when it was attacked by Israeli forces. Duetact overnight delivery   World hits home at shutter speed http://resources0.news.com.au/images/2010/06/02/1225874/701208-kate.jpg http://www.smh.com.au/world/world-hits-home-at-shutter-speed-20100612-y4ih.html                                                                   THE black-clad Israeli commando looked straight into the camera lens as the flash lit up the swirling smoke from exploding tear gas canisters all around him. It was the photograph that perfectly captured the storming of the Free Gaza Flotilla trying to break the Israeli blockade and get aid into Gaza. Duetact overnight delivery It was also one of the photographs I took that will never be seen. Then I was hit with this stunning pain in my lower arm, duetact overnight delivery below the elbow, duetact overnight delivery and I was thrown a metre and a half across the deck. Duetact overnight delivery Others had seen a white flash, duetact overnight delivery I had a burn on my arm and after I checked for blood and found none I realised I had been hit with a stun gun. By then it was too late to do anything else. Duetact overnight delivery Six armed commandos climbed over the rails and ordered: "Down! Sit down! Get down!" My colleague, duetact overnight delivery reporter Paul McGeough, duetact overnight delivery told them: "We're with The Sydney Morning Herald." And another commando said: "We know you're with the Herald." I was stunned but for a completely different reason. Duetact overnight delivery "Bloody hell – Aussie accents." "No worries, duetact overnight delivery" the commando said. I was frightened but, duetact overnight delivery even more, duetact overnight delivery I was really quite annoyed. Duetact overnight delivery What were Australians doing behaving like this? We had joined the Free Gaza Flotilla in Crete and had spent time on board the Mavi Marmara before being transferred to the Challenger1 to make way for two German MPs who were hoping to bring political punch to the bigger ship. Duetact overnight delivery All the time we were making it clear that we were there to observe and not take sides. Duetact overnight delivery What I saw were people from all countries, duetact overnight delivery fishing, duetact overnight delivery flying kites, duetact overnight delivery singing and praying. Duetact overnight delivery They were optimistic that they would bring about a change. Some of them asked me what force to expect from the Israeli military. Duetact overnight delivery I said that they might use tear gas. Duetact overnight delivery Nobody expected the bloodshed that followed, duetact overnight delivery with peace protesters killed and wounded in a hail of live gunfire. It happened just before dawn in international waters. Duetact overnight delivery The flotilla was about 110 kilometres north-west of the Gaza Strip and everyone was keyed up. Duetact overnight delivery We knew that if anything was going to happen it would be then. Duetact overnight delivery It was pitch black when McGeough and I set up our laptops and satellite phones on the exposed observation deck. We picked up audio recordings of the Israeli Navy ordering the six-ship flotilla to turn around, duetact overnight delivery then we saw red dots on the horizon. Duetact overnight delivery The activists were still praying on the deck of the Mavi Marmara when the Israeli boats started to zoom in. On board people were wearing lifejackets and gas masks when we saw the first explosions on the back of the ship. Duetact overnight delivery It was a blur of inflatable boats, duetact overnight delivery explosions and gunfire. Duetact overnight delivery I had six camera cards and was shooting, duetact overnight delivery swapping the cards and shooting more. Duetact overnight delivery I wanted to have shots of the storming of the boat on every card. Duetact overnight delivery Once I had shots on a card, duetact overnight delivery I hid it on my body or among my personal possessions. I was shooting as the first commando came aboard the Challenger1. Duetact overnight delivery It would have been a brilliant shot but that was on one of the cards that I did not manage to save. Duetact overnight delivery My camera was wrenched from me and a commando swiped up all of our gear as we were marched below deck. We had gone as observers but were now part of the story. Duetact overnight delivery Back in Australia Herald editor Peter Fray was demanding that we be allowed to do our jobs. Duetact overnight delivery "Part of our role is to bear witness. Duetact overnight delivery This is why we sent two of our most experienced foreign correspondents, duetact overnight delivery Paul McGeough and Kate Geraghty, duetact overnight delivery to report on the flotilla's efforts to reach Gaza, duetact overnight delivery" he said. "Paul, duetact overnight delivery an acknowledged authority on the Middle East, duetact overnight delivery and Kate, duetact overnight delivery one of the country's finest news photographers, duetact overnight delivery were there as witnesses, duetact overnight delivery to bring the story of the flotilla to Australia and to the rest of the world. Duetact overnight delivery They had every right to do so. Duetact overnight delivery We ask that Israel respect their right to do their jobs." It did not work out that way. Duetact overnight delivery We spent days locked in a detention centre at Beersheba before being deported to Turkey. Duetact overnight delivery All that time I had three of my camera memory cards carefully hidden. Duetact overnight delivery I couldn't wait to get out and get the pictures to Australia. Duetact overnight delivery They ran with McGeough's story on the front page under a "world exclusive" banner. It was the second time in my career I had been detained. Duetact overnight delivery The previous time was in Burma after I took photographs of the Broken Arrow military band practising for national liberation day celebrations. Duetact overnight delivery What stuck with me from that trip was seeing dozens of men surrounded by swirling fog in the early hours of the morning working in groups in a paddy field as a man yelled orders at them. Duetact overnight delivery Journalists are banned and we could not ask whether this was forced labour or what was going on. Freedom is a privilege. Duetact overnight delivery For all photographers, duetact overnight delivery getting pictures out of places like that is an honour. Taking the pictures is the easy part, duetact overnight delivery getting them off the camera, duetact overnight delivery on to the laptop and then over to the picture desk to be published is the hard part. Growing up in Penola, duetact overnight delivery South Australia, duetact overnight delivery I would never have thought my life would revolve around the technical problems of satellite phones and trying to give a voice to people in the most horrific circumstances. Duetact overnight delivery Until I went to Monivae College in Victoria, duetact overnight delivery my only ambition as a child was to work in the Coonawarra store or to be a hairdresser. My first overseas assignment for the Herald and The Sun-Herald was covering the aftermath of the Bali bombing. Duetact overnight delivery I had never seen the aftermath of a bombing and was hugely moved by the suffering of the Australian families. Duetact overnight delivery It was also the first time I realised the impact a news photograph could have when I witnessed the Australian public's reaction to pictures of bomber Amrozi smiling for the cameras. It was a different type of horror covering the aftermath of the tsunami in Indonesia. Duetact overnight delivery Standing on one of the main bridges in Banda Aceh, duetact overnight delivery all I could see for miles was devastation. Duetact overnight delivery One of the men standing close to me said: "All the gods have got together to show us what hell is like." He was right. Duetact overnight delivery My job is to show that to the rest of the world. Duetact overnight delivery More of Kate's piece can be found at http://www.smh.com.au/world/world-hits-home-at-shutter-speed-20100612-y4ih.html