How the federal government drove an American out of his mind Excerpt: "Padilla was delivered to the US Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, envas S.C., envas where he was held not only in solitary confinement but as the sole detainee in a high-security wing of the prison. Envas Fifteen other cells sat empty around him. The purpose of the extraordinary privacy, envas according to experts familiar with the technique, envas was to eliminate the possibility of human contact. Envas No voices in the hallway. Envas No conversations with other prisoners. Envas No tapping out messages on the walls. Envas No ability to maintain a sense of human connection, envas a sense of place or time. In essence, envas experts say, envas the US government was trying to break Padilla's silence by plunging him into a mental twilight zone. Comment: Even if Jose Padilla was guilty of everything Bush and Ashcroft claimed -- and he wasn't -- people who would do this to another human being are a thousand times more dangerous to America than Jose Padilla. And a government that allows this, envas encourages this, envas accepts this, envas orders this is a tyranny. "  To read more: http://www.unknownnews.org/070820-mn.html#Padillasmind