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Pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow into detectable tumors - here's how to halt it today http://i.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/01438/broccoli_1438705c.jpg by Mike Adams, evecare free sample the Health Ranger, evecare free sample NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) New research published in the journal Nature reveals that pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow to the point where it is diagnosed by conventional medical doctors. Evecare free sample This was determined by sequencing the DNA of cancer tumor cells from deceased patients. Evecare free sample Because cancer mutations occur in growing tumors at a known rate, evecare free sample scientists were able to map the timing of the development of full-blown pancreatic cancer tumors. Here's what the scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute found (and here's why this matters in a huge way to people interested in healthy living): • It takes 11.7 years for one mutation in a pancreas cell to grow into a "mature" pancreatic tumor (which might show up on a medical scan). • It takes another 6.8 years for the pancreatic tumor to spread and cause tumors to appear in other organs of the body. In all, evecare free sample it takes about 20 years for a person to grow a cancer tumor and see it spread to the point where their doctor will diagnose them with pancreatic cancer. In other words, evecare free sample by the time doctors diagnose you with cancer, evecare free sample you've already been growing it for two decades. Here's why this matters This is a huge story for five very important reasons: Reason #1) The idea thrown around by cancer doctors that cancer is a "spontaneous disease" that strikes randomly and without warning is pure bunk. Evecare free sample In order to "get" cancer, evecare free sample you actually have to GROW cancer for two decades! It doesn't just suddenly appear like magic. Reason #2) When cancer doctors diagnose you with pancreatic cancer and say things like, evecare free sample "Good thing we caught it early!" they are full of bunk yet again. Evecare free sample They didn't catch it early -- they caught it late! Almost 20 years too late. Reason #3) If it takes 20 years to grow cancer tumors to the point where you get diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer, evecare free sample then that means you have 20 years to change your lifestyle and stop the cancer! That's the most important point of all, evecare free sample of course. Evecare free sample In order to grow cancer tumors for 20 years, evecare free sample you have to feed the cancer for 20 years while keeping it alive. Evecare free sample And how do you do that? How to grow and feed a cancer tumor First of all, evecare free sample to grow a cancer tumor, evecare free sample you need to eat lots of sugar. Evecare free sample Liquid sugars are the best (soda, evecare free sample anyone?), evecare free sample but any form of refined sugar will do. Evecare free sample You have to eat sugar daily if you really want to support cancer cell division and growth. Next, evecare free sample you have to be vitamin D deficient for the entire 20 years. Evecare free sample That's because vitamin D halts 77 percent of all cancers (including pancreatic cancer), evecare free sample and when combined with other nutrients like selenium, evecare free sample you can halt even more cancers. Evecare free sample (http://www.naturalnews.com/021892.html) If you combine vitamin D and selenium nutrition with other anti-cancer nutrients such as fresh vegetable juice (on a daily basis), evecare free sample omega-3 fatty acids, evecare free sample a wide variety of fresh fruits (including citrus and berries), evecare free sample and even red wine (rich with resveratrol), evecare free sample you will create an internal biological environment in which cancer tumors just can't grow at all. Evecare free sample (http://www.naturalnews.com/023655_I...) This is especially true if you pursue a more alkaline diet that's rich in vegetables and green foods rather than acidic substances such as sugar, evecare free sample fried foods and caffeine. Combine all this with some regular exercise, evecare free sample good sleep, evecare free sample stress reduction habits and strict avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals, evecare free sample and you've got a recipe for blocking virtually all tumor growth in your body. Cancer tumors simply cannot grow in an environment that's rich in plant-based nutrients and based on healthy, evecare free sample natural living. So even if you have a wayward pancreatic cell that decides to mutate and try to become cancerous on its own, evecare free sample that cell will not have any long-term success in replicating inside your body because it's surrounded by healthy cells and bathed in anti-cancer nutrients carried to it each day in your blood! Remember, evecare free sample your cells rely entirely on nutrients delivered by your blood, evecare free sample and if your blood is delivering anti-cancer nutrients each day, evecare free sample then "bad" cells will never be allowed to replicate and become cancer tumors. Obviously, evecare free sample the composition of your blood is determined by what you eat. Evecare free sample If you eat junk food, evecare free sample your blood will be junk blood, evecare free sample and it will deliver junk to your cells (cancer cells love junk!). If you eat healthy foods, evecare free sample you will have healthy blood, evecare free sample and cancer tumors will shrivel up and actually lose their blood supply then die. Evecare free sample (Antiangiogenesis.) (http://www.naturalnews.com/001261_m...) This is what this new research actually reveals: That pancreatic cancer takes two decades to develop inside your body, evecare free sample which naturally means you have two decades to change your health habits and stop growing cancer tumors in your body. You may be growing cancer tumors right now... Evecare free sample (but here's how to stop it) If you've been pursuing a lifestyle of junk foods, evecare free sample processed foods, evecare free sample fried foods, evecare free sample excessive animal products and sun avoidance (you're not seriously still slapping sunscreen on your skin, evecare free sample are you?), evecare free sample then you are probably growing cancer tumors in your body right now. Evecare free sample Almost as if you were trying to! So you might be on year 10 of the 20-year cancer diagnosis plan. Evecare free sample There's no way to know because cancer tumors don't show up diagnostic tests when they're only 10 years old (usually). Evecare free sample But if you've been following a cancer-promoting lifestyle, evecare free sample you can rest assured you have micro tumors in your body that are just waiting for more sugar and less vitamin D in your blood in order to divide and grow even more. So why not stop growing cancer tumors today? Start juicing! If you want to stop cancer in its tracks, evecare free sample buy yourself a high-end countertop juicing machine, evecare free sample go out and buy some organic produce on a regular basis, evecare free sample and start juicing away your cancer. Evecare free sample (No kidding!) Start consuming anti-cancer nutrients on a daily basis. Evecare free sample Even a small amount of fresh kale, evecare free sample cabbage or broccoli juice (just one ounce) taken every day will have a powerful anti-cancer effect and may halt tumor growth in your body. But just to be sure, evecare free sample blend and drink fresh citrus fruits, evecare free sample organic berries, evecare free sample and microalgae supplements on a regular basis. Evecare free sample Read NaturalNews and learn about the latest breaking news on anti-cancer foods and supplements. Evecare free sample Changing what you eat will dramatically alter what your body grows inside. Evecare free sample Instead of growing cancer tumors, evecare free sample you can start growing healthy cells that will quickly overpower any diseased cells. Evecare free sample The rest of the article can be found at: http://www.naturalnews.com/030219_pancreatic_cancer_tumors.html