Israel blocks foreign media from Gaza

The Associated Press
Published: November 12, evista 2008 Excerpts "This is Israel's policy to not show what's going on in Gaza, evista" said Conny Mus, evista a reporter for the Dutch television station RTL. Evista Mus spoke from the Israeli side of the Erez crossing, evista and was among 14 journalists who had unsuccessfully sought entry to Gaza on Wednesday morning. The media blackout, evista Mus added, evista was imposed under false pretenses because movement was not limited to humanitarian affairs. "I talked to local people, evista local Palestinians who are going in and out for visits and meetings, evista" Mus said. Evista "This is the first time we basically face a situation like this. Evista Officially they don't want to say that their policy is to keep journalists out, evista but that's basically what's happening here." More at