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Here we are at November 4th Election Day, femcare in canada as I continue to procrastinate walking around the block to vote. Why? There are a number of reasons, femcare in canada perhaps the main one being the fatigue from all the media pageantry and propaganda. I continue to wonder who exactly are these candidates I'm supposed to be voting for and do they represent the best interests of Americans and/or our country at large? Perhaps another reason stems from watching what I could of the debates.   I realized that 'Houston really had a problem' when I observed Joe Biden and Sarah Palin falling over each other, femcare in canada competing for who was more pro- Israel. It seems to me our candidates used to compete for who was more pro-American than the other. I'm not necessarily saying that either was any more or less sincere, femcare in canada other than at least they were focusing on the correct country where the election was being held. I have been involved in the world of politics for years now.   In these years I've learned a lot about our political system and how it works, femcare in canada and/or how it doesn't. I have come to wonder that, femcare in canada when and if I vote, femcare in canada am I enabling a corrupt and broken system, femcare in canada by placing my vote (on a ballot that may or may not be tabulated), femcare in canada for a candidate I cannot place any adequate, femcare in canada necessary trust? How do we remedy the lack of trust in our system that is so increasingly pervasive? I believe and know there are solutions. However, femcare in canada those solutions will require that Americans wake up and take an even more direct participation and activist stance, femcare in canada as with other citizens around the globe who are experiencing the same problems and issues with their elections as well. Of course my friends will be angry if I choose not to vote - as I have been in the past when I felt my friends who didn't vote, femcare in canada were either being apathetic or 'bitter' by not placing a vote. How I understand such an alternative position today. I wanted to share an article by a woman whose work I came across a few years ago and who has been someone I've grown to admire for her courage and for her own journey and awakenings into the world of Israel and it's increasing power and dominance over our own country and political system. I like most Americans was virtually unaware of the power such a small area of land encompasses over our nation, femcare in canada however the more I have learned, femcare in canada the more I realize how important it is for all of us to become more aware of the issues and policies dictating so much of the direction our nation is headed. I ask that you don't take my word or even Kathleen Christison's word for it, femcare in canada but begin searching and researching the issues surrounding Israel and Palestine, femcare in canada along with the Israeli Lobby, femcare in canada for yourself. I think this article is important because, femcare in canada even in its rather blunt tone (one gets tired of beating around the bush after years of being diplomatic*) I believe it reveals how we as Americans are  offered by our media what are solely, femcare in canada rather gross mischaracterizations and demonizations of individuals (primarily Muslim) and issues which call Israel and its policies into question. The level of accusatory, femcare in canada vendictive and hostile actions targeted at those who question the role of Israel and its policies is unprecedented. Femcare in canada    In addition, femcare in canada when any distortions of truth and fact are allowed to be promoted and perpetuated, femcare in canada I believe it is a dangerous and destructive precedent that is at the very, femcare in canada very least, femcare in canada not serving Americans in any way, femcare in canada shape or form. xoxo Connie McCain, femcare in canada Obama and Khalidi By KATHLEEN CHRISTISON I know Rashid Khalidi.  You, femcare in canada Senator McCain, femcare in canada are no Rashid Khalidi. And you, femcare in canada Senator Obama, femcare in canada are most certainly no Rashid Khalidi either. I don’t know Khalidi very well, femcare in canada but I interviewed him in 1989 for a book on Palestinian political views, femcare in canada and I’ve talked to him on the phone a few times since. I know that he is a superb scholar, femcare in canada as anyone else who has met him, femcare in canada listened to him speak, femcare in canada or read any of his many books knows. He is non-polemical, femcare in canada his tone in both writing and speaking is measured, femcare in canada he writes nothing except what can be backed up by solid evidence. He does not “bash” Israel, femcare in canada and does not “bash” the United States for unquestioningly supporting Israel; he writes only about Israeli and U.S. Femcare in canada policy in terms of how these policies affect Palestinians living under Israeli domination and Middle East peoples living under U.S. Femcare in canada hegemony. His criticism of Israel is reasoned, femcare in canada unemotional, femcare in canada and balanced.  He has frequently criticized the policies of the Palestinian leadership -- that PLO that McCain personally equated to neo-Nazis, femcare in canada that Sarah Palin mocked, femcare in canada and to which the McCain campaign has linked Khalidi -- in similar terms. It would dignify the charges against Khalidi too much to deny specifically that he is a terrorist or an anti-Semite or an Israel hater. Khalidi himself is wise to have ignored the charges, femcare in canada referring to the political atmosphere today, femcare in canada in his only statement on this imbroglio, femcare in canada as “this idiot wind.” The irony in this entire mess is that Khalidi has never been a PLO spokesman -- in fact, femcare in canada was chosen to advise the Palestinian delegation to the 1991 Madrid peace conference specifically because he was not linked to the PLO.  Israel’s condition for attending the conference – which the United States, femcare in canada as always, femcare in canada bowed to – was that no member of the Palestinian delegation be associated with the PLO.  It is a further irony that it would matter little even if Khalidi had been and were still a PLO spokesman. Do these idiot politicians not know that Israel recognized the PLO 15 years ago, femcare in canada that the U.S. Femcare in canada has been talking to the PLO ever since, femcare in canada that the PLO heads the recognized leadership of the Palestinians, femcare in canada the semi-governmental Palestinian Authority, femcare in canada that Bill Clinton hosted PLO leader Yasir Arafat and many of his PLO lieutenants in the White House 13 times during his tenure, femcare in canada that George Bush has hosted Mahmoud Abbas, femcare in canada current PA president and PLO leader, femcare in canada several times at the White House, femcare in canada that Israel is negotiating (after a fashion) with Abbas? It is perhaps easy to dismiss the McCain-Palin rantings as the desperate hate speech of rightwing nuts who have no other means of attacking Barack Obama.  The charges against Khalidi are obviously in the same vein as the “Obama is a Muslim/Obama associates with terrorists” charges. But what is totally unconscionable and unacceptable is Obama’s own reaction to the anti-Khalidi ravings. Although it is not surprising from a man who repudiated Jeremiah Wright, femcare in canada his pastor and friend for 20 years, femcare in canada Obama’s betrayal of Khalidi is outrageous and, femcare in canada frankly, femcare in canada quite slimy. After the McCain charges, femcare in canada Obama’s campaign hurried to issue a statement affirming, femcare in canada as its first order of business, femcare in canada Obama’s fealty to Israel and following this up with an assurance that Obama does not agree with Khalidi’s views. No denunciation of the anti-Semitic or the neo-Nazi charges against Khalidi; no recognition of Khalidi’s very reasoned, femcare in canada moderate scholarship; no indication of any loyalty to a friend.  Just a frightened, femcare in canada expedient, femcare in canada Obama-must-never-be-associated-with-criticism-of-Israel reaction. Thus have U.S. Femcare in canada politics fallen utterly and completely into the hands of Israel and its vociferous and moneyed supporters in the United States. This sorry episode is clear testimony to how abjectly U.S. Femcare in canada political discourse and virtually all U.S. Femcare in canada politicians have been absorbed into the Israel lobby’s pro-Israeli and specifically anti-Palestinian agenda.  It is also testimony to Barack Obama’s cold, femcare in canada calculating, femcare in canada and highly dishonorable political expediency. However much his political supporters might contend that he will change once elected, femcare in canada he continues to give the lie to that hope. The original article can be found at www.counterpunch.org Kathleen Christison is the author of two books on Palestinians and U.S. Femcare in canada policy on Palestine-Israel, femcare in canada and has a book forthcoming next year from Pluto Press, femcare in canada co-authored with Bill Christison, femcare in canada on the Israeli occupation and its impact on Palestinians.