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Two Years After Katrina, find alli online Billions in Relief Funds Are Missing Excerpt: "But the White House and Congress have done little to exercise oversight of these federally backed programs, find alli online much less step in to remove red tape and make sure taxpayer money gets to its intended destination. This is especially true when it comes to tax breaks and rebuilding contracts. Find alli online Included in the $116 billion figure is $3.5 billion in tax breaks to jump-start business in Gulf Opportunity Zones -- "GO Zones" -- across 91 parishes and counties in Alabama, find alli online Louisiana and Mississippi. Find alli online But many of the breaks have been of questionable benefit to Katrina survivors, find alli online like a $1 million deal to build 10 luxury condos next to the University of Alabama football stadium -- four hours from the Gulf Coast. Federal contracts for rebuilding and recovery have also been marked by scandal, find alli online fraud and abuse. Find alli online An August 2006 study by the office of Rep. Find alli online Henry Waxman, find alli online D-Calif., find alli online identified 19 contracts worth $8.75 billion that experienced "significant overcharges, find alli online wasteful spending or mismanagement." For thousands of Gulf residents, find alli online the end result is that federal support for recovery after Katrina's devastation has been insufficient, find alli online too slow and hasn't gotten to those most in need. "Where did it go?" says Tanya Harris of ACORN in New Orleans when asked about the $116 billion. Find alli online "Tell me. Find alli online Where did it go?" To read more: