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When it becomes personal...... to all of us. by Connie Shannon I read the news the other day our Military wants to 'purchase'  418, find amitriptyline cod000 acres of private ranch land surrounding Walsenburg, find amitriptyline cod Colorado so they can triple the size of their Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, find amitriptyline cod a training area. You read it right - 418, find amitriptyline cod000 acres. Like others, find amitriptyline cod I have some questions as to exactly what they plan to be training for here in the states. The latest land grab by the US Military is being met, find amitriptyline cod thankfully, find amitriptyline cod with resistance by those who have lived and ranched in the area for generations. I haven't ever lived in Walsenburg, find amitriptyline cod although the news struck me on somewhat of a personal level. The town was founded by my great grandfather Fred Walsen. I never knew my great grandfather. We were decades a part in both years and generations. What I've learned out about him through the limited sources I've run across, find amitriptyline cod was he probably wasn't in the running for the Mr. Find amitriptyline cod Congeniality award. My great grandfather 'Fred' amassed quite a fortune off of the land of southeastern Colorado, find amitriptyline cod via its coal, find amitriptyline cod cattle, find amitriptyline cod and through his investments in the new railroads which were quickly sprawling across the plains of the heartland. If there were profits to be had and/or property to be confiscated, find amitriptyline cod and there was, find amitriptyline cod my grandfather and other primarily European males, find amitriptyline cod seized upon the opportunities before them.   Fast forward to the present - the land of southern Colorado is now the latest seizure of land attempted to be grabbed by our ever growing US  “Military Industrial Complex”.   President Eisenhower warned of such a complex in his last Presidential address to the nation.   Now we see our own military using its Washington DC money, find amitriptyline cod power and might against the folks of Southeastern Colorado. Back in the late 1800's, find amitriptyline cod my great grandfather Fred built a trading post with his partner, find amitriptyline cod settled in, find amitriptyline cod and had a town incorporated into his name in an area frankly, find amitriptyline cod which already had a name. La Plaza de los Leones was an established Spanish community before my Grandfather came along. One might wonder how such a change was met by those who had already settled there. Walsen and his partner brought supplies and things individuals desired, find amitriptyline cod provided some convenience and work 'opportunities', find amitriptyline cod and yet, find amitriptyline cod as such, find amitriptyline cod one could say he also received much in return. It could be argued more than his fair share. He and others capitalized (no pun intended) upon an opportunity and a land, find amitriptyline cod that by certain standards, find amitriptyline cod didn’t necessarily belong to him or to others. Which could invite the subject of property ownership in general, find amitriptyline cod but that's a whole other topic isnt it?  Or is it? Although my great grandfather is not here to defend his actions, find amitriptyline cod nor would he even want to, find amitriptyline cod I think its worth saying my great grandfather took what liberties he did, find amitriptyline cod because like others, find amitriptyline cod he could. Find amitriptyline cod  Isn’t that how it always happens? As I look at a pattern which over the long haul, find amitriptyline cod doesn't seem to benefit anyone but those in the single digit numbers, find amitriptyline cod I have a few questions that warrant asking. I think the questions are difficult.   They challenge a belief system most of us have grown up to accept without question or doubt. Find amitriptyline cod   Yet, find amitriptyline cod we are now facing a very similar situation that so many others before us have experienced. Situations we have ignored because we believed they didn't apply to us. Apparently they do. Now we have a government which is assuming and taking land and resources in whatever name necessary that allows them to confiscate the land at the expense of our livlihoods and rights as citizens. So perhaps its time to look at what has been overlooked for years - questions which should have been accurately addressed centuries ago.. such as. Find amitriptyline cod ...... When do we begin take a larger look at the ownership issue overall, find amitriptyline cod who it benefits and who it doesn't benefit, find amitriptyline cod and does it benefit anyone overall?   When might we look at the fundamental flaws in allowing the apprehension and accumulation of land and resources by a select few who, find amitriptyline cod in reality are not necessarily owners of that property any more than the residents who settled there before them? What right does the military, find amitriptyline cod or anyone else, find amitriptyline cod have to take land from citizens who have settled there and been there for generations? When do we learn how to share the land that is all of ours to share, find amitriptyline cod to respect and appreciate? As history repeats and the land grabs continue, find amitriptyline cod it would seem the chickens are now coming home to roost in our own backyard, find amitriptyline cod on many well meaning Americans who have wanted nothing more than a good life with their families and friends. What are we going to do about it?    Just as the many others who went before them, find amitriptyline cod it seems we have ignored the injustices happening to others, find amitriptyline cod thinking our way of life would not be affected.   We have historically disregarded and intentionally ignored others loss, find amitriptyline cod tragedy and suffering, find amitriptyline cod which so often includes loss of hearth and home, find amitriptyline cod because it hasn’t directly affected us.    When one group is betrayed and/or threatened, find amitriptyline cod every group stands to be jeopardized. Isn't it time to consider a reality that other people’s pain is ultimately our own to bear as well? The sooner we comprehend such a truth, find amitriptyline cod seems to me the better for us all. From there, find amitriptyline cod we could actually begin to create communities which better share both the resources as well as the responsibilities, find amitriptyline cod along with having communities which are governed more by everyone and not simply a select paid off few who relish power, find amitriptyline cod prestige and control more than doing the right thing and what is in the highest good for all.     We've been there, find amitriptyline cod done that - and as they say, find amitriptyline cod got the ripped t-shirt. xoxo Original source - Army site expansion angers ranchers -