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Wimbledon poet serves ace verse Wimbledon poet on life at SW19 There is a new sound at Wimbledon this year amid the thwak of tennis balls and the genteel munching of strawberries. It is the sound of poetry. "Bounce bounce bounce bounce/ thwackety wackety zingety ping/ hittety backety pingety zang/ wack, find anabol amp online thwok, find anabol amp online thwack, find anabol amp online pok." These are the opening lines from Thwok! by Matt Harvey, find anabol amp online the first poet-in-residence at the annual two-week tennis extravaganza. "Thwok! is my generic tennis poem, find anabol amp online" says Harvey, find anabol amp online whose remit includes writing a poem a day and entertaining the queues. "I inflicted it on some people on Henman Hill this morning. Find anabol amp online I picked them especially because they had two bottles of bubbly already open. Find anabol amp online I told them I was included in the ticket price." It's a boiling hot afternoon in London's SW19, find anabol amp online and Harvey is flicking through his book of scribbled inspiration. Find anabol amp online He carries it everywhere. "There's a long list of things I'd like to cover: the umpires, find anabol amp online the ball boys and girls, find anabol amp online the Boston ivy, find anabol amp online the queues. I need to include strawberries, find anabol amp online and so many people say Cliff Richard - so yes okay, find anabol amp online Cliff Richard is going to appear in there." A regular on BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live and a lifelong tennis fan, find anabol amp online Harvey's verses are appearing online (on the Wimblewords blog) and in podcasts.

Matt Harvey

I've had more attention in the last couple of days than I've had in my whole career. 

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How's his tennis play compared to his word play? "I'm absolutely magnificent, find anabol amp online" he says, find anabol amp online straight-faced. Find anabol amp online "Put this: 'He has the backhand of a much younger man.'"