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Don't let those frightened of your voice, find bcaa online steal your right to use it.   By Remi Kanazi / SOURCE "Free speech is not without consequence. Find bcaa online In the United States, find bcaa online for example, find bcaa online criticism of Israel is tantamount to heresy. Find bcaa online Former US President Jimmy Carter felt a societal backlash last year after the release of his book, find bcaa online Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, find bcaa online which condemned Israel’s apartheid-style policies in the occupied Palestinian territories. Find bcaa online Consequently, find bcaa online and without foundation, find bcaa online Carter was branded by many in the American press as a one-sided, find bcaa online anti-Semitic propagandist. Similarly, find bcaa online Harvard professor Stephen Walt and University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer were lambasted for a paper the two co-authored that discussed the power of the Israel lobby and its adverse effect on American policy. Find bcaa online Additionally, find bcaa online Norman Finkelstein, find bcaa online an esteemed professor at Depaul University and author of the bestselling book, find bcaa online The Holocaust Industry, find bcaa online witnessed a McCarthyite-style campaign mounted against him when he came up for tenure. Find bcaa online Finkelstein, find bcaa online the son of Holocaust survivors, find bcaa online has been an outspoken critic of Israel’s human rights abuses and of pro-Israel apologist and Harvard professor, find bcaa online Alan Dershowitz. Find bcaa online Predictably, find bcaa online it was Dershowitz who led the anti-tenure campaign against him; ultimately, find bcaa online Finkelstein was not only denied tenure, find bcaa online but he lost his job at Depaul. The attacks against Carter, find bcaa online Finkelstein, find bcaa online Walt and Mearsheimer serve as a few well-known examples of the consequences writers and intellectuals face when they breach the line and criticize Israel. Find bcaa online Furthermore, find bcaa online the condemnation writers and intellectuals of Arab descent face are invariably higher than Jews of conscience, find bcaa online former presidents, find bcaa online and highly regarded academics. Find bcaa online As a result, find bcaa online many writers often acquiesce to the demands of the mainstream. Find bcaa online Their self-censorship usually appears in the form of “toning down the message, find bcaa online” be it to please editors or critics—essentially to conform to the reality of purported pragmatism. Find bcaa online Yet, find bcaa online this “pragmatism” is a euphemism for acceptance of a repressive status quo and is analogous to the “necessary” practical thinking that silenced a multitude of commentators during the Oslo years—the supposed time of peace. Find bcaa online Unsurprisingly, find bcaa online untold Palestinian suffering followed as a result of increased settlement expansion, find bcaa online land confiscation, find bcaa online checkpoints and seizures, find bcaa online and the ultimate failure of Camp David 2000. Shying away from perceived controversial matters may help to protect a mainstream career, find bcaa online but the intent of a political analyst should not be to produce works of fiction. Find bcaa online The vast majority of Americans weren’t open to criticism of US policy during the run-up to the war on Iraq, find bcaa online mainly due to the media’s complicity in promoting the war, find bcaa online but criticism was still the appropriate course of action based on the facts, find bcaa online and Americans would have been better off for it today. A man who combined principle, find bcaa online activism, find bcaa online and human appeal quite masterfully was distinguished educator and commentator, find bcaa online Edward Said. Find bcaa online In the realm of academia and Middle East analysis, find bcaa online Said was by no means viewed as the quintessential radical. Find bcaa online Nonetheless, find bcaa online his positions were radical when juxtaposed with “conventional wisdom”: he was a proponent of the one-state solution, find bcaa online an unwavering critic of the Israeli government, find bcaa online and an ardent supporter of the ostensibly controversial right of return. Find bcaa online Said was still heavily criticized throughout his career and endured incessant attacks by his detractors, find bcaa online yet his accessible personality and articulate message kept him relevant. Sadly, find bcaa online Said’s relative acceptance has been the exception rather than the rule. Find bcaa online In recent years, find bcaa online there has been increased emphasis on putative pragmatic dialogue. Find bcaa online However, find bcaa online this accentuation on so-called rational and balanced thinking has proven to be little more than a sinister means to pressure the oppressed to accept the position of the oppressor. Find bcaa online The greatest leaders of the last hundred years didn’t shy away from controversy; they remained persistent, find bcaa online and saw their visions brought to fruition; be they Martin Luther King, find bcaa online Nelson Mandela, find bcaa online or Mahatma Gandhi. Nevertheless, find bcaa online one cannot overlook that even paramount figures have been castigated for “overstepping” their boundaries, find bcaa online namely Martin Luther King who was chided for speaking out against the war in Vietnam, find bcaa online imperialism, find bcaa online and social injustices that plagued the US. This week, find bcaa online Palestinians across the US commemorated 60 years of displacement. Find bcaa online Yet, find bcaa online the lens the Palestinian people are expected to look through under the pragmatist vision is one that sees a dispossessed people as necessary victims for a righteous state to take form. Unfortunately, find bcaa online waves of writers and commentators continue to adopt this line in fear of retribution, find bcaa online in exchange for nicer houses and comfortable livings, find bcaa online or a combination of both. Find bcaa online That is their free will. Find bcaa online Free speech is not without consequence. Find bcaa online Nonetheless, find bcaa online losing piece of mind is the only repercussion a writer should fear." ~ Remi Kanazi is the editor of the forthcoming anthology of poetry, find bcaa online Poets For Palestine, find bcaa online which can be pre-ordered at Find bcaa online Remi can be contacted at ~