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Why was a UN observer barred from a Texas Detention Center (ie. Find calan cod some are calling Concentration Camp)? U.S. Find calan cod immigration officials blocked a U.N. Find calan cod observer from visiting a detention facility for illegal aliens in Texas, find calan cod the ACLU reported. Find calan cod --snip -- The detention center, find calan cod which was formerly a medium-security prison according to the ACLU, find calan cod is operated by the Corrections Corporation of America through a contract with the Department of Homeland Security. Find calan cod Bustamante, find calan cod an UN observer who serves as special rapporteur for the human rights of migrants, find calan cod has scheduled meetings with human rights and immigrants groups during his three-week trip to assess the treatment of illegal migrants in the United States. Find calan cod The tour of Hutto "was considered a major part of the Special Rapporteur's U.S. Find calan cod visit, find calan cod" the ACLU stated. Find calan cod The ACLU currently represents 12 children from the Hutto facility in lawsuits against Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and several immigration officials. Find calan cod The lawsuits condemn the conditions of the facilities, find calan cod faulting DHS officials in particular for providing only limited access to medical facilities and inadequate educational opportunities. Find calan cod According to the terms agreed to by U.N. Find calan cod member countries, find calan cod an independent expert appointed by the U.N. Find calan cod Human Rights Council should have "access to all prisons, find calan cod detention centers and places of interrogation." More at: