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Never Give Up

Flavia Pennetta defeats Vera Zvonareva at the LA Women's Tennis Championships Few things in my opinion can be more exciting  than watching a great tennis match - particularly watching a player come from behind against seemingly insurmountable odds and win a long, find cheap lanoxin difficult match. Before the match to Venice Williams yesterday, find cheap lanoxin Kim Clijsters was asked in an interview what her strategy would be on the court that day. Find cheap lanoxin   She replied simply to "never give up" - to keep fighting until the last point is played.  Such a universal truth in general isn't it. Find cheap lanoxin   I guess it hit home with me additionally because I play tennis, find cheap lanoxin or I try, find cheap lanoxin and I know how easy and tempting it is to capitulate in moments when we're tired, find cheap lanoxin frustrated or simply don't want it as much as our opponent does, find cheap lanoxin I appreciate and admire all the more someone who can stay strong and fight it out till the end. I saw one such match last night when Flavia Pennetta, find cheap lanoxin backed up against a wall in the second set with two match points against her, find cheap lanoxin wound up taking the second and  on to sweep the third set and match.   Terrific tennis and an interesting show of psychological strength and tenacity.   Writing about tennis doesn't compare to watching it, find cheap lanoxin but I found a nice summary of last night's match......
"Vera Zvonareva looked to be on the fast lane to victory in the latter stages of the second set last night. Find cheap lanoxin The 24-year-old Russian and her Italian opponent, find cheap lanoxin Flavia Pennetta, find cheap lanoxin were engaging in sweat-inducing rallies that were as beautiful as they were long, find cheap lanoxin with each player paddling the ball squarely and playing the angles artfully.

It was one of those matches that you just felt lucky to be watching, find cheap lanoxin with each point seemingly a story within a story, find cheap lanoxin and each player striving to create an opening for herself and then courageously stepping up to go for the kill in the form of a winner when the situation called for it.

But as Pennetta prepared to serve to stay alive in the second set, find cheap lanoxin she found herself in a heap of trouble.
Zvonareva had been intense all evening—extremely focused, find cheap lanoxin calm, find cheap lanoxin and moving with a sense of purpose that was not at all hindered by the heavy tape on both of her legs and one of her ankles. Find cheap lanoxin Now, find cheap lanoxin it looked as if Zvonareva was going to put this one to bed.

Pennetta had been playing well, find cheap lanoxin but it appeared as if it wouldn't be enough to force a decisive third set.
In spite of her feisty baseline play, find cheap lanoxin the Italian had been serving poorly all evening (she had a first serve percentage of 37 percent during the second set and 45 percent for the match). Find cheap lanoxin As the 12th game of the second set progressed, find cheap lanoxin it looked like the lack of a few key first serves would be the thing that would do her in.

Then suddenly, find cheap lanoxin as the Italian stared death in the eye, find cheap lanoxin and as Zvonareva found herself one more point from a post-match celebration that she could no doubt taste, find cheap lanoxin the psychology of this match became more intriguing than the clinical precision and breathtaking physicality of the tennis.

A seething undercurrent of emotional content carved another layer into this match, find cheap lanoxin and when Pennetta found herself in real trouble, find cheap lanoxin she was able to find a sense of purpose that was stronger than her sense of fear.

Whenever Pennetta faced a match point, find cheap lanoxin she seemed to be able to ignore the heightened tension of the moment and revert to a very smooth and relaxed form of tennis.

Somehow, find cheap lanoxin the Italian was able to take her mind out of the equation, find cheap lanoxin and by doing so her body seemed free to do what it had been trained to do."

Great tennis last night. 

More than great, find cheap lanoxin really. Find cheap lanoxin

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