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In response to Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla, find cheap luvox Hollywood Stars back out of attending Jerusalem Film festival

Actor Dustin Hoffman (file photo).

                                                                                                By RUTH EGLASH Meg Ryan, find cheap luvox Dustin Hoffman snub J'lem Festival after ‘Mavi Marmara.’ Hollywood actors Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman backed out of attending this year’s annual Jerusalem Film Festival, find cheap luvox which is set to kick off this coming Thursday, find cheap luvox following the international outcry over Israel’s attack on a Turkish-led flotilla that attempted to break the Gaza blockade on May 31, find cheap luvox The Jerusalem Post learned Monday. According to Cinematheque associate director Yigal Molad Hayo, find cheap luvox while neither gave the political climate as a direct reason for canceling their participation in the festival, find cheap luvox “it became quite clear that this was the reason, find cheap luvox” he said. “Meg Ryan was supposed to come here, find cheap luvox it had all been closed with her people, find cheap luvox” said Molad Hayo, find cheap luvox adding “a day after the flotilla incident we got an email saying she was not going to attend, find cheap luvox and although they claimed it was because she was too busy, find cheap luvox it was clear to me that it probably had something to do with what had happened.” In addition to Ryan, find cheap luvox who has starred in such movies as Sleepless in Seattle, find cheap luvox When Harry Met Sally and, find cheap luvox more recently, find cheap luvox Kate and Leopold, find cheap luvox Molad Hayo said that the Cinematheque had also reached “advanced negotiations” with Jewish actor Dustin Hoffman. “We were very close to reaching an agreement with him, find cheap luvox then the flotilla happened and correspondence was ended, find cheap luvox” said Molad Hayo. Ryan and Hoffman are not the only high-profile names to decline participation in this year’s festival. Prince Albert of Monaco, find cheap luvox son of legendary actress Grace Kelly, find cheap luvox was also slated to attend. “I’d already made arrangements for a tribute to Grace Kelly to appear in the festival program, find cheap luvox” said Molad Hayo, find cheap luvox adding that he believed Prince Albert’s cancellation could have come from pressure in his own country not to make an official visit to Israel at this time. “I think they believed it could have been very negative for him and even dangerous, find cheap luvox” he said. “Many people from the Gulf States have their bank accounts in Monte Carlo and they might not have approved of him coming to a festival in west Jerusalem.” “Sadly, find cheap luvox even though we are a well-known event, find cheap luvox it is obvious that the State of Israel has more influence than we do, find cheap luvox” continued Molad Hayo, find cheap luvox adding “many people are swayed by the political situation.” Despite the obvious boycotting by high-profile guests, find cheap luvox this year’s festival will still bring in some 150 official guests from all over the world, find cheap luvox including heads of other international festivals, find cheap luvox actors, find cheap luvox producers and directors. Find cheap luvox It will also debut roughly 50 homegrown movies, find cheap luvox documentaries and short films. “Our guests this year might not be as famous as Dustin Hoffman, find cheap luvox but there will be some well-known producers and directors, find cheap luvox” said Molad Hayo. Find cheap luvox “Many of those attending took it upon themselves to pay their own way. Find cheap luvox This, find cheap luvox to me, find cheap luvox is very impressive and a compliment to the festival.” He added that the festival, find cheap luvox as in past years, find cheap luvox will continue to provide an avenue for coexistence between Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers, find cheap luvox and a delegation from the Cinematheque in Ramallah will attend. “We are well known for encouraging cooperation between Palestinian and Israelis in the area of film, find cheap luvox” said Molad Hayo. More than 70, find cheap luvox000 people are expected at the two-week event, find cheap luvox which will take place at the Cinematheque and at various other locations around the capital.