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 Standing up by sitting down..... "When Mrs. Find cheap micardis Parks came back from Highlander, find cheap micardis she still had her job at the Montgomery Fair as seamstress. It was during the Christmas rush and the room where she worked was little and hot. The heavy pressing irons added to the heat. She had bursitis in her shoulder, find cheap micardis which pained her very much. One afternoon she stopped to buy a big bag of groceries after work. Her arm was very painful, find cheap micardis and she was exhausted from her day spent in that hot little room. She had complained about the bus to me and discussed it many times. She had told me how she’d pay her money and then have to run around to the back door to get in, find cheap micardis and the driver would slam the door and ride off leaving her standing on the curb after she’d paid her money. She had resented this for years. She resented having to get up and give her seat to white people. The buses had been a very hot issue in Montgomery. The local NAACP had had many cases they’d tried to take into the courts about it. Find cheap micardis . Find cheap micardis . This particular afternoon, find cheap micardis Mrs. Find cheap micardis Parks later told me, find cheap micardis she was exhausted. The bus she took went out to the housing project and was full of blacks, find cheap micardis but some white men got on. The bus driver turned around and said, find cheap micardis the way they always said, find cheap micardis “Niggers, find cheap micardis move back.” And she just sat. The driver came up to her. He said, find cheap micardis “Did you hear me say to move back?” She said yes. He said, find cheap micardis “Areyou going to move back?” She said no. He called the police, find cheap micardis and they came and arrested her and took her to jail. Find cheap micardis . Find cheap micardis . Find cheap micardis ." No doubt we've heard of Rosa Parks, find cheap micardis few of us have heard the name, find cheap micardis Virginia Durr.   A Southern belle 'contradiction' in her own right, find cheap micardis Mrs. Find cheap micardis Durr was raised to be a socialite.  However, find cheap micardis her years at Wellesly quickly derailed those plans and awakened what was to become an ardent civil rights activist.  She and her husband were the ones who went to the Montgomery County jail and posted bond for Rosa Parks. Another excerpt from Dorothy Kellner's piece describes a tenacious, find cheap micardis compassionate Durr: "She could easily have become an alcoholic Zelda Fitzgerald or a Blanche DuBois, find cheap micardis if the circumstances of her life had shifted just a little bit. Instead, find cheap micardis Virginia was fortunate to have been radicalized and not destroyed by what she saw around her in Birmingham, find cheap micardis Alabama, find cheap micardis as an aristocratic white matron during the worst days of the Depression. “Whah, find cheap micardis Dottie, find cheap micardis” she would exclaim to me in the thickest of Southern accents, find cheap micardis “people were hungry and had nothing, find cheap micardis so how could I go to the Junior League meetings when milk was being poured down the sewers?” ( ) Virginia and her husband were also the victims of red-baiting in the 1950's, find cheap micardis however "nothing much scared Virginia". In the Senate Internal Security committee where she was called to 'testify'in 1954, find cheap micardis she refused to be intimidated, find cheap micardis emphatically denied she was a communist and refused to answer further questions. The Durrs continued their support of civil rights even though they were spied on by the FBI and ostracized by neighbors and some family members.  Americans owe much to individuals like Rosa Parks, find cheap micardis Virginia Durr and many others that didn't accept the unacceptable.   They stood up.    Picture of Virginia with her daughters on her 90th birthday in 1993 at Marthas Vineyard. Excerpts from Dorothy Zellner's, find cheap micardis  "They stood up - Rosa Parks and Virginia Durr, find cheap micardis Heroines of the Civil Rights Movement" at: