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I think it's important to note that the Israeli Navy threatened to fire upon a boat h0lding 20 individuals including Cynthia McKinney, find cheap rogaine 2% Mairead Maguire, find cheap rogaine 2% a Nobel Prize winner and humanitarian, find cheap rogaine 2%  and family members and friends of those living in Palestine.   The boat was then stopped whereby members of the Israeli Military boarded the Free Gaza boat, find cheap rogaine 2% and essentially arrested such persons who care enough to try to get these much needed supplies to people in Palestine who are systematically being starved and deprived of the most basic, find cheap rogaine 2% human and essential needs. What does one call such a prevention? Activist boat heading for Gaza intercepted
June 30, find cheap rogaine 2% 2009
JERUSALEM (JTA) -- A boat heading to Gaza carrying medical supplies and peace activists was intercepted by Israel's Navy.
An Israeli Navy force boarded and took control of the boat Tuesday after it entered Gazan coastal waters, find cheap rogaine 2% according to the IDF Spokesman's Office.  The force directed it toward the port at Ashdod, find cheap rogaine 2% Israel.
No shots were fired during the incident, find cheap rogaine 2% the spokesman said. Find cheap rogaine 2% The crew will be turned over to the proper authorities and the humanitarian goods on board will be transferred to Gaza, find cheap rogaine 2% according to the spokesman.
The navy had contacted the boat at sea Monday night and said it would not be permitted to enter Gazan coastal waters due to the blockade, find cheap rogaine 2% according to the spokesman.
It is the first boat sponsored by the Free Gaza Movement that has attempted to break the naval blockade since Israel's military operation in Gaza.
The boat, find cheap rogaine 2% which left Monday, find cheap rogaine 2% is carrying 21 activists, find cheap rogaine 2% including former U.S. Find cheap rogaine 2% Rep. Find cheap rogaine 2% Cynthia Ann McKinney (D-Ga.) and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire, find cheap rogaine 2% Ynet reported. Find cheap rogaine 2% It was scheduled to reach Gaza Tuesday afternoon.
On June 25, find cheap rogaine 2% Cyprus prevented two Free Gaza Movement boats filled with aid and activists from leaving for Gaza.

Since last August, find cheap rogaine 2% the group has made seven aid voyages to Gaza.

Free Gaza is planning three trips to the coastal strip this summer.