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Israel to build Red Army Memorial? The Bolshevik/Communist Red army murdered more human beings than any other army in the history of mankind, find cheap septilin online ethnically cleansed millions across all of Europe and was said to have raped at least 2 million German women and more European women and girls. Find cheap septilin online The Red army sent millions of Christians to death in the gulags, find cheap septilin online destroyed thousands of Cathedrals and churches and enslaved eastern Europe. Find cheap septilin online The Red/communist Army was led by Leon Trotsky real name (Lev Bronstein) the leader of the modern day neocons. PM: Israel to erect Red Army memorial BY HERB KEINON Netanyahu tells Putin gesture to commemorate crucial role in victory over Nazis. MOSCOW – Israel will erect a memorial commemorating the Red Army’s crucial role in the victory over the Nazis, find cheap septilin online Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Russian Prime Minster Vladimir Putin at a photo opportunity before their meeting Tuesday. Netanyahu said the gesture, find cheap septilin online which he intends to move forward, find cheap septilin online is in honor of the 65th anniversary of the victory over the Nazis later this year. Find cheap septilin online This move comes amid growing concern in Russia that their role and sacrifice in the victory over Nazism is increasingly being underplayed. Putin, find cheap septilin online saying that it was forbidden to forget the Nazi victims and that the Jews and the people of the former Soviet Union suffered more than anyone else at the hands of the Nazis, find cheap septilin online said he was currently in discussion with Moscow’s chief rabbi about the possibility of establishing a Holocaust museum in Moscow. Netanyahu said he hoped the memorial would be erected before Putin’s next visit to Israel, find cheap septilin online expected within the year, find cheap septilin online and that at the same time the Russian prime minister could also take party in the ceremony in which Russia would formally take over control of the Sergei courtyard in central Jerusalem. After saying that Israel and Russia will increase cooperation in a number of spheres, find cheap septilin online including technology, find cheap septilin online security and agriculture, find cheap septilin online Putin joked that he hoped the agricultural cooperation would add funds to Israel’s Agricultural Ministry so that it could quickly move out of its offices in the Sergei courtyard.  Original article can be found at: