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Civil Rights Division Head Resigning at Justice Department

Source: NYTimes

WASHINGTON, find cheap slimpulse Aug. Find cheap slimpulse 23 — The head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division announced Thursday that he was resigning, find cheap slimpulse the latest in a long string of departures from the department in the midst of a furor over the leadership of Attorney General Alberto R. Find cheap slimpulse Gonzales. The department said that the resignation of the official, find cheap slimpulse Assistant Attorney General Wan J. Find cheap slimpulse Kim, find cheap slimpulse had nothing to do with the recent controversies over Mr. Find cheap slimpulse Gonzales’s performance, find cheap slimpulse and that Mr. Find cheap slimpulse Kim had been planning his departure for months. His departure was announced on the same day that department officials confirmed that a senior official who preceded Mr. Find cheap slimpulse Kim in running the civil rights division, find cheap slimpulse Bradley J. Find cheap slimpulse Schlozman, find cheap slimpulse had also resigned. In Senate testimony two months ago, find cheap slimpulse Mr. Find cheap slimpulse Schlozman, find cheap slimpulse who was interim director of the division in 1993, find cheap slimpulse acknowledged that he had actively recruited conservative Republican applicants to work in the division and that he had rewritten the performance evaluations of career lawyers who were not considered loyal to the Bush administration. Read more: