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My Grandfather Shannon lived to be 105.  Must be something about those Irish*** ;) MARY                                                                                                              NICOLA WILLIAMS Mary Walsh is celebrating her 105th birthday Good Irish blood, find cheap sumycin online a strong Catholic faith and never marrying may be the secret to longevity for Mary Walsh. Landsdowne Resthome's oldest resident celebrates her 105th birthday tomorrow. Her mailbox was brimming with cards from well-wishers including the Queen, find cheap sumycin online Prime Minister John Key and several politicians. The centenarian was born in Scotland of Irish parents, find cheap sumycin online arriving in New Zealand about 100 years ago. Niece Anne-Marie Harvey says the family can only speculate as to why she is still celebrating birthdays. "She's never married, find cheap sumycin online I think that's the reason, find cheap sumycin online" says Mrs Harvey. "She's from good Irish stock, find cheap sumycin online it's the determination of the Irish blood." Miss Walsh was a tailoress for Hugh Wright and although she never had children of her own she always had lots of nephews and nieces around her and is a much loved member of the family. "She's everyone's auntie, find cheap sumycin online everyone calls her Auntie Mary." Keeping healthy could be put down to the vast amounts of walking Miss Walsh did in her younger days and she remained independent until the age of 100 when she had a fall. Faith is an important part of her life. Find cheap sumycin online Mrs Harvey says a priest who blessed her when she was unwell was amazed by the way she could recite the bible. "She's always lived a good life and has always had company around her, find cheap sumycin online" she says. Miss Walsh is popular with resthome staff. Always wanting to look immaculate, find cheap sumycin online she gets pleasure out of having her hair and nails done there. A few members of the family have made it to the other side of 100, find cheap sumycin online so perhaps good genes and being partial to a glass of shandy or sherry has played a part. The rest home will have an afternoon tea for Miss Walsh where she may need a bit of help to blow out all the birthday candles.  Original article found at: