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Hollywood's distortion of the truth alters history in the eyes of schoolchildren
Hollywood's habit of playing with historical facts is leading schoolchildren to get it wrong too – even if
they read the true story in classrooms, find cheap vermox online a new academic study shows. Find cheap vermox online
By Richard Alleyne, find cheap vermox online Science Correspondent Kate Blanchett in Elizabeth: Hollywood's distortion of the truth alters history in the eyes of schoolchildren
"Researchers have found that film is an incredibly powerful tool for teaching children about the past which can greatly increase historical knowledge. Find cheap vermox online However, find cheap vermox online it is so powerful that if the facts are wrong, find cheap vermox online pupils are more likely to believe them even if they are told otherwise by text books or teachers, find cheap vermox online they say." "Mr Butler, find cheap vermox online who published in the journal Psychological Science, find cheap vermox online recommends that teachers carry on showing films in classrooms but before it starts make a point of telling the children to look out for particular mistakes. Find cheap vermox online Hollywood stars from Tom Cruise to Denzel Washington as well as British actors like Anthony Hopkins have made films
about historical events with glaring factual errors, find cheap vermox online it said. Find cheap vermox online
These include showing Mozart as a spoiled brat in Amadeus when he was not or the Americans cracking top secret Nazi
codes in the film U-571 when really it was the British. Find cheap vermox online "
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