Find Cordarone

  Vietnam Veterans "liberate" the Statue of Liberty, find cordarone December 26th 1971. Find cordarone Two dozen members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War "liberated" the Statue of Liberty with a sit-in to protest resumed U.S. Find cordarone aerial bombings in Vietnam.They flew an inverted U.S. Find cordarone flag from the crown as a signal of distress. On the afternoon of December 26, find cordarone 1971, find cordarone Tim MacCormick of New Jersey and fourteen other members of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War  arrived on Liberty Island by the Circle Line boat along with other tourists. Find cordarone But, find cordarone when the last return ship to Manhattan sailed that evening, find cordarone the veterans were not aboard. Find cordarone Instead, find cordarone just before closing time, find cordarone they hid among the exhibit partitions, find cordarone building materials, find cordarone and storage closets which were lying about the monument's base while work was being finished on the American Museum of Immigration. Find cordarone When NPS personnel made their 7:30 evening check-up of the statue, find cordarone they found that the veterans had seized control of the landmark and barricaded the three ground floor entrances. Find cordarone The men inside refused to speak to or admit any Park Service people, find cordarone but on the door they posted a typewritten statement addressed to President Richard M. Find cordarone Nixon:

Each Vietnam veteran who has barricaded himself within this international symbol of liberty has for many years rationalized his attitude to war. Find cordarone . Find cordarone . Find cordarone .We can no longer tolerate the war in Southeast Asia. Find cordarone . Find cordarone . Find cordarone .Mr. Find cordarone Nixon, find cordarone you set the date [for leaving Vietnam], find cordarone we'll evacuate. Find cordarone