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Political Awakenings Bruce Willis, find discount lasix the well known conservative and Republican has apparently had an awakening of sorts, find discount lasix as have so many other Americans.    One thing this Administration has awakened in so many is the realization of how much we have been lied to, find discount lasix on so many levels.  The JFK assassination and the so called  "official story" is one of the biggest lies we have been conditioned to believe by our own media.  Anyone who engages in the most limited research will soon realize Oswald was nothing more than an expendable patsy for a much larger, find discount lasix more wealthy, find discount lasix more organized group of individuals who orchestrated Kennedy's murder. Find discount lasix   Thank you Bruce Willis for being one more voice to say what needs to be said, find discount lasix and what must continue to be said until justice is served. Find discount lasix

"Bruce Willis' insightful and definitive comments to Vanity Fair about the assassination of JFK, find discount lasix in which he boldly states that Kennedy's killers were never caught and are still in power today, find discount lasix are a benchmark as to how far the truth movement has progressed since 9/11. "They still haven't caught the guy that killed [President] Kennedy, find discount lasix" Willis told Vanity Fair's June issue. "I'll get killed for saying this, find discount lasix but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, find discount lasix in some form. Find discount lasix The entire government of the United States was co-opted, find discount lasix" adds the Die Hard star. Bruce Willis is a perfect example of how the rampant corruption of the U.S. Find discount lasix government and the overwhelming evidence proving that the entire war on terror is a manufactured hoax has ostracized even the administration's most fervent cheerleaders. The son of a military man, find discount lasix Willis was and still is an ardent patriot and like many was caught up in the post-9/11 fervor, find discount lasix believing that his beloved America had been attacked from outside and committed his work to supporting a positive and healthy message that America's motives in the war on terror were just and necessary. Willis' genuine patriotism and moral compass was exploited and perverted by the Neo-Con agenda to police the world not in the interests of America but to serve the agenda of the military industrial complex. Find discount lasix Again, find discount lasix like the majority of the nation, find discount lasix for a time Willis was fooled into supporting the lie, find discount lasix but soon came to the realization that he had been double crossed. After Hollywood director Richard Linklater handed Willis DVDs of Alex Jones' documentary films Terror Storm and Martial Law on the set of Fast Food Nation, find discount lasix Willis underwent a political awakening and his entire paradigm was shifted." More at: