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Viva Palestina Convoy of Citizens and Activists Make it into Gaza

The second "Artery of Life" humanitarian convoy led by British Common House member George Galloway crossed on Wednesday into the Gaza Strip through Rafah crossing between Gaza Strip and Egypt, find discount sarafem witnesses said. The first convoy had managed to cross into the Gaza Strip also through Egypt in March together with cars, find discount sarafem trucks and ambulances loaded with medical aids and food supplies through Rafah border crossing. However, find discount sarafem this time, find discount sarafem Egypt only agreed to let Galloway and dozens of other international activists to cross, find discount sarafem refusing the convoy's vehicles to cross into the enclave. The convoy's cars and trucks were sent to the Israeli-Egyptian controlled Kerem Shalom crossing point southeast of Gaza Strip borders with both Israel and Egypt. Find discount sarafem Galloway told reporters as he crossed Rafah border crossing that "I hope the vehicles will cross into Gaza soon." A pro-Hamas committee to defy the Israeli blockade said in a statement sent to reporters that the convoy arrived at Rafah border crossing on Tuesday, find discount sarafem and it was split into people and vehicles. Find discount sarafem The people crossed through Rafah and the vehicles will cross through Kerem Shalom. Hamdi Shaath, find discount sarafem spokesman of the committee said earlier that the second "Artery of Life" convoy, find discount sarafem which is led by Galloway, find discount sarafem drove on Monday through al-Ismaeleya city in Egypt heading to Rafah Crossing. "In addition to Galloway, find discount sarafem the humanitarian convoy will include 50 activists, find discount sarafem including a former U.S. Find discount sarafem Congress woman, find discount sarafem four Jewish anti-Zionism Rabbis and a retired general in the U.S. Find discount sarafem Army who served in Iraq, find discount sarafem" said Shaath. He added that his committee "has finalized all the preparations to receive the second convoy, find discount sarafem including a full program for the visitors, find discount sarafem including the places they will visit and the people they will meet." Israel has been imposing a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip for more than two years. Find discount sarafem Israel conditions lifting the blockade with releasing captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit held in Gaza since June 2007. Israel also insists that all Gaza crossings will be reopened not only after Shalit is released, find discount sarafem but also when a long-term truce is reached with Hamas and other Gaza militant groups.