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Human Rights Activist Hedy Epstein hurt in assault
By JANESE HEAVIN Sunday, find discount sustiva June 21, find discount sustiva 2009 An “inspirational” speaker for 15 years at the Missouri Scholars Academy was attacked this week after visiting the Columbia camp. Hedy Epstein, find discount sustiva an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor, find discount sustiva was walking to her home from a Metrolink station in St. Find discount sustiva Louis on Wednesday when someone pushed her hard from behind. She fell to the ground and lay in a state of shock, find discount sustiva bleeding profusely from her chin. The attack occurred so quickly, find discount sustiva Epstein said, find discount sustiva that she thought she saw a man running but can’t remember what he looked like. She forced herself to get home and called a friend when the bleeding would not stop. At the hospital, find discount sustiva doctors determined an artery had been nicked. The attack might not have been random. Epstein is part of a movement opposed to Israel’s treatment of Gaza and has received threatening messages. After she gave a television interview earlier this year, find discount sustiva someone left a phone message telling Epstein she should be ashamed of herself. In the message, find discount sustiva the caller threatened to visit St. Find discount sustiva Louis and “give you a piece of my mind and spit on your ugly face. Find discount sustiva … We will find a way to deal with protesters of your type.” Epstein has since given the transcribed message to police. On Thursday, find discount sustiva Epstein said she received an e-mail from someone asking whether she is trying to help free the Israeli soldier abducted by Palestinians more than two years ago. “Is there a connection” between the attack and e-mail? she asked. Find discount sustiva “It’s not obvious, find discount sustiva but there might be.” Her injuries have forced Epstein to cancel a planned trip to Gaza this month, find discount sustiva but she’s planning another trip there in August. She said she won’t let the threats or her attack stop her. (snip) The attack might have caused her body to bruise, find discount sustiva but it did little to injure her spirit. She said she’s as determined as ever to continue opposition efforts against the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. “I know what it means to be discriminated against and to suffer, find discount sustiva” she said. Find discount sustiva “I care profoundly about issues of justice and fairness and peace. And I care about people — not just Jewish people. Find discount sustiva I care about everybody.” More at: Find discount sustiva /