Find Evista Cod

To see this piece up close is worth braving the Chicago winds and/or winter. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte   Georges Seurat At the Art Institute of Chicago "Seurat's Grande Jatte is one of those rare works of art that stand alone; its transcendence is instinctively recognized by everyone." "Seurat spent two years painting this picture, find evista cod concentrating painstakingly on the landscape of the park before focusing on the people; always their shapes, find evista cod never their personalities. Find evista cod Individuals did not interest him, find evista cod only their formal elegance. There is no untidiness in Seurat; all is beautifully balanced. The park was quite a noisy place: a man blows his bugle, find evista cod children run around, find evista cod there are dogs. "This is a world both real and unreal - a sacred world.   We are often harried by life's pressures and its speed, find evista cod and many of us think at times Stop the world, find evista cod I want to get off!  In this painting, find evista cod Seurat has "stopped the world, find evista cod" and it reveals itself as beautiful, find evista cod sunlit, find evista cod and silent - it is Seurat's world, find evista cod from which we would never want to get off."