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Gandhi's grandson applauds non-violent protest Ramallah – Ma'an – Rajmohan Gandhi, find glucotrol xl online grandson of the late Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, find glucotrol xl online visited the West Bank village of Bil'in on Monday, find glucotrol xl online accompanied by Palestinian National Initiative leader Mustafa Barghouti. Gandhi applauded what he described as Bil'in's "modern struggle, find glucotrol xl online" adding that "the whole world knows of Bil'in's activists, find glucotrol xl online and it is a model for modern popular resistance. Find glucotrol xl online There will come a day when the Israelis learn that their settlements and separation wall vanish and will be destroyed as a result of the injustice and tyranny they practice." He added that "It is our duty to awaken the international community, find glucotrol xl online and to call attention to what is going on in Palestine, find glucotrol xl online and seek support for the Palestinian people and their just cause." Received by members of the local village council and the Popular Committee Against the Wall, find glucotrol xl online Gandhi and his delegation heard committee member Muhammad Al-Khatib speak of Bil'in's form of non-violent resistance during the past five years, find glucotrol xl online highlighting its achievements and the participation of international activists and sympathizers who "played a major part in this resistance." The popular committee screened a short video about the village's non-violent protests against the wall held four weeks prior, find glucotrol xl online where Gandhi expressed his admiration for their form of non-violent resistance. Original source can be found at: