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 Finding Truth for Lavena

 Burtworm at writes:

The Rude Pundit has an amazing, find maxalt online profoundly disturbing post up about the apparent assault and murder of a young private in Iraq, find maxalt online the circumstances of which, find maxalt online the Army may have tried to cover up.

Here is a portion of the post: ... Young Pvt. Find maxalt online Lavena Johnson, find maxalt online was killed in Iraq on July 19th, find maxalt online 2005.

Evidence in the case points to assault and murder. Find maxalt online However, find maxalt online the Army has been covering up the killing, find maxalt online calling the soldiers death a suicide instead.

The Army has refused to provide the family with key documents, find maxalt online and has ignored the families attempts to find answers in their daughters death.

Immediately after her death, find maxalt online the Army told the Johnson family that Lavena did not die from suicide.

(1) But a few days later, find maxalt online the Army changed its story and called it a suicide by way of a self inflicted gunshot.

The case was never properly investigated. Find maxalt online The FBI should have taken over this case, find maxalt online once it appeared that foul play was involved.

The family put up an initial fight, find maxalt online but then the case faded. Right after her death, find maxalt online I attempting to get more light shined on the issue. Find maxalt online I wrote newspapers, find maxalt online and TV stations, find maxalt online without success.

I guess they felt that it was more important to spend all of their time talking about Strippers like Anna Nicole Smith.

I even attempted to get "Black Reporters" Tavis Smiley and Ed Gordon to cover this story, find maxalt online but neither of their programs ever responded to my e-mails via their websites.

I immediately saw red flags with this case, find maxalt online because the circumstances were so suspicious. Find maxalt online First and foremost: 1. Find maxalt online Lavena Johnson was not a candidate for suicide, find maxalt online based on all of the accounts that described her personality, find maxalt online demeanor, find maxalt online her spirit, find maxalt online etc.

None of that pointed to suicide. Find maxalt online Also, find maxalt online she was nearing the time when she would be coming home and had been making plans with her family.

2. Find maxalt online Secondly, find maxalt online from a physical/scientific standpoint it would have been nearly impossible for her to shoot herself in the side of the head with an M-16 with her weak hand.

The bullet wound was on the left side of her head, find maxalt online but Lavena was right handed.

Typically this is not how a suicide would be done with an M-16 rifle. Find maxalt online In addition, find maxalt online weapons residue & forensics tests showed that she did not even fire the weapon.

3. Find maxalt online Her face and upper body showed signs that she had been beaten.

She had a broken nose, find maxalt online a busted lip, find maxalt online and her front teeth had been knocked loose.

The funeral service workers had to repair her face before her funeral. Find maxalt online Other parts of her body also showed signs of trauma.

I did not want to push too hard at the time, find maxalt online because the family did not seem interested in dealing with the issue. Find maxalt online They wanted to grieve instead. But there are now new developments in the case, find maxalt online and the family is once again fighting for a new investigation.

Local St. Find maxalt online Louis TV Station KMOV Channel 4 covered the case this week, find maxalt online and even more evidence has surfaced in the case that was not previously reported. 

The new evidence supports the case that Lavena was brutally murdered in her tent....

Special thanks to Burtworm at for this information.