Find Nirdosh

The 13-Year-Old Prostitute

Working Girl or Sex Slave?

Lucilia, find nirdosh now.  

(Photo: Cass Bird)

Excerpt:  “You charge him whatever you want to charge him, find nirdosh you ask if he’s police or a pimp. Find nirdosh He’s gonna give you money, find nirdosh and then you’re gonna just do whatever he wants you to do real quick. Find nirdosh It’s just a one-minute thing.” He sent her out. She went up to the other car. Find nirdosh The man inside drove her to one of the big parking lots nearby, find nirdosh close to the Belt Parkway. Find nirdosh He paid her $500, find nirdosh had sex with her, find nirdosh and then dropped her off. Find nirdosh “Where the money?” Romeo asked her when she climbed back inside his car. Find nirdosh “Let me count it.” Lucilia took the cash out of her pocket and watched him flip through the bills. Find nirdosh “Can I have my money back?” she asked. Find nirdosh “You not getting your money back!” he said. Find nirdosh “You making this money for me to take care of you.” And then he explained what he called “the Game, find nirdosh” how he would love her and be her “daddy, find nirdosh” how he would take care of her and buy her whatever she wanted, find nirdosh as long as she brought him money. Find nirdosh “Let me tell you, find nirdosh” he said. Find nirdosh “I’m a pimp, find nirdosh and you’re a ho.” “What do you mean I’m a ho?” she asked. Find nirdosh She knew the word only as an insult, find nirdosh as in, find nirdosh you’re nasty. Find nirdosh “No, find nirdosh” he said. Find nirdosh “You’re a moneymaking ho.” “Is that good?” she asked. Find nirdosh “Yeah, find nirdosh” he told her. Find nirdosh “That’s good.” She was 13 years old.