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Nuclear Arms Workers have cancer claims denied or delayed Excerpt: "They couldn't scrub the radiation off my skin -- even after four showers, find no rx glucophage" McKenzie, find no rx glucophage 52, find no rx glucophage recalled of his most terrifying day at the Savannah River nuclear weapons plant near Aiken, find no rx glucophage S.C. Find no rx glucophage "They took my clothes, find no rx glucophage my watch and even my ring, find no rx glucophage and sent me home in rubber slippers and a jumpsuit." Later, find no rx glucophage when doctors discovered the first of 19 malignant tumors on his bladder, find no rx glucophage McKenzie followed the same torturous path as thousands of nuclear weapons workers with cancer: He filed a claim for federal compensation. Find no rx glucophage It was denied. Unable to access secret government files, find no rx glucophage or even some of his own personnel records, find no rx glucophage McKenzie could not sufficiently prove that he was exposed to something that may have made him sick. Find no rx glucophage Nor can most of the 104, find no rx glucophage000 other workers, find no rx glucophage retirees and family members who have sought help from a federal program intended to atone for decades of hazardous working conditions at scores of nuclear weapons facilities around the country. Find no rx glucophage