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The Tipping Point – Taking Back America

by Melinda Foster Pillsbury On this day, find no rx nexium August 23, find no rx nexium 2007, find no rx nexium America is at a tipping point. We arrived here through a series of incidents and actions, find no rx nexium many unintended.. Our tools for creating the world we know were law and institutions, find no rx nexium tools we thought would provide stability and order. Instead we have violence and growing fear. Growing numbers of Americans now realize that those we trusted have used those tools to enrich themselves. The shock of understanding vies with an overarching sense of outrage. Find no rx nexium We are faced with the compelling need to change government because of the deceit and unbridled greed of those who used our trust to steal. Greed is a long-understood human failing. Find no rx nexium Our institutions were used to deceive us.  Those deceptions were created by people we trusted who stood to profit. We know their names and it is a long list including former presidents, find no rx nexium the heads of corporations, find no rx nexium and leaders from both major parties.   This did not happen as a single conspiracy; it happened because when one person comes up with an original way to steal, find no rx nexium it will be copied and applied to other circumstances to achieve the same purpose.

As John Judge says a conspiracy means to breath together.


These people have bad breath and ambition combined with habits of larceny.


A blow dryer is a small appliance used to dry and style your hair. Dropped into the bathtub of someone you want to eliminate, find no rx nexium it is a murder weapon. Blow-dryers and institutions of all kinds are just tools. Find no rx nexium These 'leaders' and other individuals entrusted with American's tools are responsible for how those tools were misused. Find no rx nexium There are many tools we need to rethink. Find no rx nexium We have been too trusting. Our monetary system was intended to provide the means for exchange, find no rx nexium to securely hold money, find no rx nexium and to provide a way to measure what money is worth. Find no rx nexium It has become a weapon in the war to steal the wealth of people around the world.

Fractional banking is a monopoly license to print money, find no rx nexium issued by Congress to the Federal Reserve System in 1913. Find no rx nexium This system has stolen the wealth of five generations, find no rx nexium while reorganizing us to make stealing ever easier.


There are alternatives. Find no rx nexium Read Money, find no rx nexium Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender by Thomas H. Find no rx nexium Greco, find no rx nexium Jr., find no rx nexium Chelsea Green Publishing, find no rx nexium ISBN 9781890132378.)


We have learned that the greed inclined who work their way into power always want more of our wealth and lives.   Politicians make a living making sure that Grid Corporations, find no rx nexium for instance all the oil companies, find no rx nexium Halliburton, find no rx nexium Koch Industries, find no rx nexium and scores of others keep us passive and paying.   Other Grid Corporations did this with electricity, find no rx nexium transportation, find no rx nexium for all financial dealings, find no rx nexium for insurance, find no rx nexium and for all government services including the police and military.

In cooperation with government and aided by the media they have been re-calibrating the police and military to control us when deceit finally fails, find no rx nexium which it is now doing. Find no rx nexium The cows, find no rx nexium us, find no rx nexium have to stay in the pen.


How they accomplished this redistribution of wealth is an ugly story.


It will get uglier.


Those in government, find no rx nexium profitably employed by Grid Corporations, find no rx nexium knew that we would eventually notice. Find no rx nexium Like a conman playing the old pea and shell game they used lots to distract us.

In the wake of WWII they terrorized us with the boogie man of Communism; When it seemed we would agree on the need for clean air and water the same corporations used operatives to take over the Environmental Movement, find no rx nexium displacing the real Earth Day for the April Oil Day. Find no rx nexium Flags flew, find no rx nexium rhetoric oozed, find no rx nexium children were told to hide under their desks in the 50s. Find no rx nexium Today they are training our children to expect death at their schools at any moment.


Fear = Control.


During Iran – Contra Big Oil began overtly dictating when and where Americans would go to war. Find no rx nexium Our military slid a little further towards being just a tool for corporate profits.  But America's servicemen and women were faithful to what they believed.  They believed they were protecting our country.


Behind the facade of greed those responsible know they are lying. Find no rx nexium That truth seeps past their empty words.


To put off the day of reckoning they found justifications for their actions. Find no rx nexium We know those justifications by many names.  Among them are Communism, find no rx nexium Socialism, find no rx nexium The True Faith (fill in your favorite), find no rx nexium The Free Market, find no rx nexium Spreading Democracy, find no rx nexium Fighting Terrorism, find no rx nexium Straussianism, find no rx nexium Progressivism - the list is endless.


Some of these are complex sets of ideas that seem logical or idealistic - when reality is ignored. Find no rx nexium By artfully redefining words like 'is' and 'privatize', find no rx nexium those in control can justify anything.


Just slather on lots of rhetoric that evokes emotions but is completely disconnected from what the words mean and you hold those streams of income firmly in place. Find no rx nexium That is government as it exists today.


We are divided. Find no rx nexium That was their plan.


Using rhetoric and the media they sowed poison and distrust.


Many among us are coming to realize that Right and Left are meaningless.


That is a long step forward. Find no rx nexium We need to take more steps in the same direction.


Women and men, find no rx nexium Black, find no rx nexium White, find no rx nexium Hispanic, find no rx nexium (fill in the blank) straight, find no rx nexium gay, find no rx nexium young, find no rx nexium old; it is the contents of character that really matter.

There are solutions to all the problems; we can find those answers.

Get ready to rethink your ideas, find no rx nexium rejecting their games.

Government is just a contractor hired to fix our collective toilet. Find no rx nexium Government cannot be sovereign: the only sovereignty exists in individuals. Find no rx nexium As the Declaration says, find no rx nexium “We hold these truths to be self-evident, find no rx nexium that all men are created equal, find no rx nexium that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, find no rx nexium that among these are Life, find no rx nexium Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Find no rx nexium That to secure these rights, find no rx nexium Governments are instituted among Men, find no rx nexium deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, find no rx nexium -----” This form of government has not worked. So here we are today. Find no rx nexium Now the question is what to do about it. Government needs to be returned to its original form, find no rx nexium with the people deciding how to organize at the most local level. Find no rx nexium That mandate from the Declaration reads: “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, find no rx nexium it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, find no rx nexium and to institute new Government, find no rx nexium laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, find no rx nexium as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” This time we'll do a better job. If the last 200 years was the beta test, find no rx nexium it is time to learn from our mistakes and hit the Reboot. To Reboot, find no rx nexium we need to get off the grids they set up to contain and control us; we must focus on local sources for all our needs; we need to strengthen community; we must assert accountability through common law courts since their courts exist just to perpetuate their power.

Freedom: You don't have it until you give it away to everyone.


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