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I assume having the the 90 year old veteran White House journalist fired was not enough?  ADL: Rescind all Helen Thomas honors  Jewish group calls on journalism schools, find no rx precose professional organizations to no longer recognize former White House correspondent after she 'clearly, find no rx precose unequivocally revealed herself as a vulgar anti-Semite' in remarks to Arab American group Ynetnews The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Friday called on journalism schools and professional organizations that have recognized journalist Helen Thomas to rescind their honors after she “clearly, find no rx precose unequivocally revealed herself as a vulgar anti-Semite” in remarks to an Arab American group. In a speech Thursday in Dearborn, find no rx precose Michigan, find no rx precose the former White House correspondent not only defended the earlier anti-Jewish remarks that led to her sudden resignation, find no rx precose but went on to claim that she was made to pay a price for her remarks because of the power of the Jewish lobby in the United States. Detroit School US university yanks Helen Thomas diversity award / Associated Press Detroit's Wayne State condemns 'anti-Semitic remarks' made by former Hearst Newspaper columnist Full story “I can call a president of the United States anything in the book but I can’t touch Israel, find no rx precose which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank, find no rx precose” said Thomas. Find no rx precose “No Americans would tolerate that – white-only roads.” She continued, find no rx precose “We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. Find no rx precose There’s no question about that. Find no rx precose Congress, find no rx precose the White House and Hollywood, find no rx precose Wall Street, find no rx precose are owned by the Zionists. Find no rx precose No question in my opinion. Find no rx precose They put their money where their mouth is …. Find no rx precose We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.” Abraham H. Find no rx precose Foxman, find no rx precose ADL National Director, find no rx precose issued the following statement: "Helen Thomas has clearly, find no rx precose unequivocally revealed herself as a vulgar anti-Semite. Find no rx precose Her suggestion that Zionists control government, find no rx precose finance and Hollywood is nothing less than classic, find no rx precose garden-variety anti-Semitism. Find no rx precose This is a sad final chapter to an otherwise illustrious career. Find no rx precose Unlike her previous, find no rx precose spontaneous remarks into a camera, find no rx precose these words were carefully thought out and conscious. Find no rx precose It shows a prejudice that is deep-seated and obsessive. 'Pretense of impartiality' "While we will never know what the hidden trigger was that led Thomas to reveal her prejudice, find no rx precose it is troubling that for more than 60 years she has made a pretense of impartiality as a journalist with a large megaphone. Find no rx precose It makes it even that much more horrendous and horrific that she is now using that megaphone to release her prejudice in its crudest, find no rx precose most vulgar form. Find no rx precose Through her words and deeds she has besmirched both herself and her profession. "It is time for those schools and professional organizations that have honored Thomas in one form or another over the years to consider rescinding those honors in light of her pervasively anti-Semitic rhetoric. Find no rx precose Professional associations and academic institutions should not want to be associated with an anti-Semite." Thomas, find no rx precose 90, find no rx precose a former Senior UPI White House Correspondent who most recently served as an opinion columnist for Hearst Newspapers, find no rx precose has been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists, find no rx precose which each year presents the Helen Thomas Award for Lifetime Achievement. She has received more than 30 honorary degrees, find no rx precose and her alma mater, find no rx precose Wayne State University, find no rx precose has established an award for journalists in her honor. Find no rx precose She has also been honored by the Freedom Forum. Find no rx precose Original article can be found at:, find no rx precose7340, find no rx precoseL-3994044, find no rx precose00.html