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What I find additionally interesting about this termination of  student Kristofer Petersen-Overton is no one seems to be addressing the potential biased and/or racist beliefs and actions being implemented by Assemblyman Hikind and BC President Karen Gould.   Why aren't Mr. Find no rx shallaki Hikind and Ms. Find no rx shallaki Gould being questioned about their own religious prejudices and apparent intolerance to other beliefs other than their own? Israel partisan gets Brooklyn College to fire Patersen-Overton; "now they're going after graduate students" - asks for support CounterPunch, find no rx shallaki Joshua Sperber - Brooklyn College fired PhD student Kristofer Petersen-Overton yesterday, find no rx shallaki one day after New York tate assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) sent a letter to BC president Karen Gould accusing Petersen-Overton of being an "overt supporter of terrorism." Hikind has complained in interviews that Petersen-Overton's academic work is anti-Israel, find no rx shallaki and that his attempt to "understand" suicide bombing is unfathomable. Find no rx shallaki Petersen-Overton and I are colleagues at the CUNY Graduate Center JS: You were preparing to instruct a course on the Middle East and were fired. Find no rx shallaki What happened? KPO: I was hired by Mark Ungar at Brooklyn College's political science department on the recommendation of Dov Waxman at the Graduate Center. Find no rx shallaki I went in for an interview, find no rx shallaki and he was impressed with my credentials. Find no rx shallaki I have an MA and I've published on the situation [in the Middle East], find no rx shallaki and he said "I would be honored to have you." And this was for a grad level seminar, find no rx shallaki which is not lecture-based, find no rx shallaki meaning that our classes would be discussion-oriented and not some sort of alleged platform. JS: What was the official explanation for your firing, find no rx shallaki and why doesn't it make sense? KPO: I have not once been contacted by the department itself, find no rx shallaki but I was told that the official reason I have been fired is that I don't have a PhD, find no rx shallaki which is untrue, find no rx shallaki because no student teaching this course has a PhD, find no rx shallaki and there are of course many student teachers at BC who do not have their PhD's. Find no rx shallaki And I'll point out that I am somewhat more qualified than many student teachers because I came into the program with a Master's degree, find no rx shallaki which many students who are teaching for CUNY don't have. I was fired immediately after Dov Hikind contacted the school. Find no rx shallaki He is an especially radical assemblyman who goes after people who he perceives as being anti-Israel. Find no rx shallaki He's actually made a career out of targeting people for alleged anti-Israel bias. JS: And the charge of bias is doubly problematic. Find no rx shallaki Because, find no rx shallaki one, find no rx shallaki it's inaccurate. Find no rx shallaki But, find no rx shallaki two, find no rx shallaki even if it were accurate, find no rx shallaki what does it imply? KPO: We all come to the table with our personal political views; there's not a single professor who doesn't have their own views. Find no rx shallaki So it all comes down to how one approaches those views, find no rx shallaki and I devoted an entire class in the syllabus to the subject of objectivity and humanism, find no rx shallaki meaning I wanted to put this issue of bias on the table to facilitate open and productive discussions. JS: What does your firing suggest about contemporary politics and higher education? KPO: They've targeted professors up for tenure for so long and have been relatively unsuccessful except for several cases, find no rx shallaki like with Norman Finkelstein (JS: and, find no rx shallaki among others, find no rx shallaki Nicholas De Genova and Thaddeus Russell, find no rx shallaki at Columbia University and Barnard College, find no rx shallaki respectively), find no rx shallaki now I think they're going after graduate students before their careers even begin. Find no rx shallaki One of the most direct implications of this which is deeply troubling is not the fact that people take issue with one particular class, find no rx shallaki which is inevitable, find no rx shallaki but the way in which the college administration caved so quickly – for it to occur within 24 hours is incredible to me, find no rx shallaki and the school never even consulted me. Find no rx shallaki For this to be decided by a state official poking his nose in a college syllabus is Orwellian. Find no rx shallaki I've received tremendous support, find no rx shallaki which I'm very grateful for. Find no rx shallaki Norman Finkelstein wrote me, find no rx shallaki and after I contacted Neve Gordon he (Gordon) contacted BC's provost, find no rx shallaki writing that he reviewed my syllabus and that it was excellent and reflected a number of different perspectives, find no rx shallaki noting that the textbook was mainstream and "emphasizes the Zionist narrative." He also read a scholarly paper I had written, find no rx shallaki and wrote that he was "struck by (my) academic rigor." JS: What can people do to lend support? I would be greatly appreciative if people can send an email to the provost, find no rx shallaki even better a letter, find no rx shallaki and tomorrow it would be great if people could call, find no rx shallaki and more importantly if people could disseminate this story. Find no rx shallaki It's especially disgusting that they would go after a grad student, find no rx shallaki because they have not only impacted my career but also my income and health insurance. Office of the Provost (William A. Find no rx shallaki Tramontano) Brooklyn College 2900 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, find no rx shallaki New York 11210 718.951.5000