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Gas-station owner dies after fast against oil giants Monterey Herald photograph Source: San Jose Mercury News Mehdi Shahbazi was a man who championed the consumer and listened to his own counsel as he waged a years-long battle against Exxon Oil and then Shell Oil. <snip> Shahbazi joined 44 other dealers who sued Exxon over gas pricing and won a partial victory, find parlodel cod Ajir said. Then he took on Shell, find parlodel cod two years ago handing out fliers accusing oil companies of manipulating gas prices and trying to drive franchise owners like himself out of business. He passed out business cards that read "Pumping Mad" above his phone number and Web site. He had hoped to spur a class-action lawsuit forcing oil companies to pay refunds to customers. Shell ordered him to take down signs criticizing oil companies - then sued him. Shahbazi countersued claiming freedom of speech. Shell terminated his lease, find parlodel cod and Shahbazi, find parlodel cod acting as his own lawyer, find parlodel cod took on five attorneys hired by the oil giant. Although his gas pumps were fenced off, find parlodel cod he sold snacks and car washes at his Del Monte Avenue station. Every day, find parlodel cod 10 or 20 patrons stopped by to cheer him on, find parlodel cod Ajir said. Yet friends and family urged him to give up his lawsuit and later his life-threatening fast. At one point, find parlodel cod Shell offered him $650, find parlodel cod000 to abandon his fight. He refused. Read more: