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The gates of hell are wide open. Welcome to Baghdad. Today 12 innocent Iraqis, find synthroid online dead throughout Baghdad .   A mortar hits the "fortified" Green Zone - only material damage it seems. The "Iraqi" government will be signing a half a billion Dollars arms deal with America. The reason? The security situation necessitates more american weapons. I guess not enough Iraqis are killed so far...   Welcome to Gaza. Yesterday, find synthroid online 5 cowardly, find synthroid online criminal Israeli air raids on Gaza.   A whole family of 7 member killed on the spot. Find synthroid online Carbonized bodies taken out from under the rubbles by "rescue teams" which are none other but the residents of Gaza. Today during the day, find synthroid online more air raids and more dead. Is it not enough that Gaza has nothing ? Welcome to Beirut. Over 30 Lebanese soldiers dead in Nahr al Bared clashes with some obscure "Jihadist" group. Find synthroid online 12 fighters dead. Find synthroid online Meanwhile the innocent Palestinian civilians of Nahr al Bared camp are without electricity, find synthroid online no running water and under siege. The following day, find synthroid online at 12 am to be more precise, find synthroid online a car bomb placed in the Ashrafieh neighborhood in East Beirut kills a 63 years old woman and injures between 6 and 8 innocent passers by. Find synthroid online Any link between all these events you think? The New Middle East of the New World Order is a bit like the Hotel California song by the Eagles: "You can check out any time you want but you can never leave"...And the gates are wide open. Find synthroid online Welcome, find synthroid online welcome...Welcome to the Middle East To read more of Layla Anwar's heart rendering work: