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My apologies friends. Find trileptal online I've totally been slacking on the US Open tennis.  Since a few of you have told me I need to broaden my horizons and lighten up a little on the pieces, find trileptal online I aim to please!. Has there been some incredible tennis or what? I hope one day I'll be making it to New York to see the pros play up close. Find trileptal online Here are a few great matches I watched:   Djokovic and Stepanek WHAT. Find trileptal online A. Find trileptal online MATCH. Hope you had a chance to watch it, find trileptal online atleast some of it.  What impressed me the most was not only the beautiful rallies and points, find trileptal online but the mutual respect for each other's game.   Their engagement with the crowd was energizing and inspiring, find trileptal online especially when Stepanek  waved his hands rallying to the already roaring crowd and putting his hand to his ear implying he couldn't hear them.   This was one of the best matches I've seen in a while and the hug at the end was just too cool.   Both champions in my book. Find trileptal online  

Third-seeded Novak Djokovic, find trileptal online fought for 4 hours, find trileptal online 44 minutes with not only his tough opponent, find trileptal online Radek Stepanek but also with painful leg cramps to outlast the latter in an arduous five-set thriller in the second round of the U.S. Find trileptal online Open at Flushing Meadows. Find trileptal online Those who witnessed the match would agree it was indeed, find trileptal online a match of equals.

Djokovic, find trileptal online beat the 34th-ranked Czech 6-7, find trileptal online 7-6, find trileptal online 5-7, find trileptal online 7-5, find trileptal online 7-6 to fix up a third-round clash with Argentine teenager Juan Martin Del Potro, find trileptal online who ousted Austrian Jurgen Melzer 6-3 6-1 6-4.

"We played an amazing match. Find trileptal online The match was unforgettable, find trileptal online" said the 20-year-old Serb. Find trileptal online "I really don't know what to say. Find trileptal online I'm really exhausted. Find trileptal online I have no energy. Find trileptal online I smell my shoes. Find trileptal online They are so stinky."

After playing 63 games, find trileptal online 356 points in the marathon that has been the longest in this year’s Open so far, find trileptal online Stepanek said he was doing fine, find trileptal online “but I lost, find trileptal online” he said. Find trileptal online “We had a great battle until the end.”

It wasn't Maria's day to shine.  

I have to say, find trileptal online I'm not the biggest fan of Maria's but I think she had good points in the press conference that everyone has good days and bad days on the court. 

No doubt about that. 

And kudos to her for not making any excuses, find trileptal online even though she probably could have.    

I have to ask, find trileptal online what was it with her father leaving the court on her last game?  Could have no relevance but she did lose the next game.  Perhaps it's him with more of the temperamental attitude than her. Find trileptal online  

 Two of my FAVORITES.

Tommy Haas - not bad on the eyes at all and I think hes one of the quickest players out there.    I think he's right up there with Federer with great footwork.   

 James Blake - my HERO****  A true gentleman on and off the court.  

An amazingly powerful player - quick  and he and Tommy both hit the ball so early! 

Loved watching them play it out to the fifth. 

Hard to see them not both move forward, find trileptal online but it was a hard fought match which could have gone either way.

Williams Bartoli Match

I had never seen Marion Bartoli play until I watched her unexpectedly smoke Shahara Peer at Wimbledon where she finally made it to the finals. 

She's an unexpected warrior.   With a two handed forehand and backhand, find trileptal online she's a force to be reckoned with.   

Serena's game is so fine tuned right now.   Her serve is all but impeccable and her groundstrokes, find trileptal online well need I say more.  

There were nevertheless some great rallies, find trileptal online especially in the first set.   Watch out for Marion Bartoli.   I don't think she's going away any time soon.


All right that is all I have for now.  

If someone has any good information on Svetlana Kutznetsova and her matches I would love to receive it.  

 She is such an amazingly strong player and wonderful to watch.  Unfortunately they have nt been covering her matches as much as others.  

 That's a loss because I love to watch her play. 

And apparently so does Roger Federer.