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Amidst the Media's feeding frenzy, find zofran cod I've found this information cohesive in addressing the appropriate questions and facts The Oslo Attacks: Comment and Analysis - by Stephen Lendman

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Pic: Rex)

Many questions are unanswered. Are they similar to previous European and US post-9/11 attacks? Was a single individual responsible or were others unnamed or not known involved? Was it homegrown and/or outside inspired, find zofran cod despite what's been reported? And why Norway, find zofran cod an unlikely target despite its NATO membership, find zofran cod token participation in Afghanistan, find zofran cod and Libya operations it scaled back and will end entirely by August 1. Last May, find zofran cod in fact, find zofran cod Defense Minister Grete Faremo told Norway's Parliament that despite taking part in NATO air attacks (dropping 289 bombs): "There is no military solution to the situation in Libya. It must be solved politically." She added that Norway would scale back operations after its three-month commitment ended on June 24, find zofran cod ahead of ending them entirely weeks later. At the same time, find zofran cod Norway supports Palestinian independence, find zofran cod de jure UN membership, find zofran cod and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store heads an international aid committee for Palestine. Moreover, find zofran cod its parliament earlier passed initiatives critical of Israel, find zofran cod and Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen (from 2005 - 2009, find zofran cod now Education Minister) proposed boycotting Israeli products in 2006 though Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg disapproved. However, find zofran cod in August 2010, find zofran cod Norway declined to purchase Israeli military products because of tensions between Israel and Palestine as well as its neighbors. It's not known, find zofran cod but Friday's attack may relate to Norway's support for Palestinian sovereignty. Perhaps it was planned and initiated to influence its policy on granting full Palestinian UN membership in September, find zofran cod and may also be part of Washington's Global War on Terror. Moreover, find zofran cod the notion of a lone bomber/gunman is very suspect, find zofran cod especially one able to kill 91 people, find zofran cod an unprecedented nearly impossible feat singlehanded. Find zofran cod Were there others involved? These and other questions demand answers, find zofran cod as well as specific bombing details, find zofran cod including whether what happened demanded expertise beyond the capability of untrained people. Who gains and loses from every terror incident must also be asked, find zofran cod certainly not suspects charged, find zofran cod convicted and imprisoned. Geopolitical interests are central. Find zofran cod This time Western and Israeli ones are key. On July 22, find zofran cod New York Times writers Elisha Mala and J. Find zofran cod David Goodman were in battle mode headlining, find zofran cod "At Least 80 Dead in Norway Shooting, find zofran cod" saying: "A lone political extremist bombed the government center here on Friday, find zofran cod killing 7 people....before heading to an island summer camp for young members of the governing Labor Party and killing at least 80 people." A July 23 follow-up headlined, find zofran cod "Death Toll Rises to 91 in Norway Attacks, find zofran cod" saying: "The Norwegian police charged a 32-year-old man (Anders Behring Breivik, find zofran cod identified as) a Christian fundamentalist with right-wing connections, find zofran cod over the bombing of a government center here and a shooting attack on a nearby island that together left at least 91 people dead." Police didn't know if he was part of a greater conspiracy. "What we do know, find zofran cod" said police official Roger Andresen, find zofran cod "is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist." Oslo police chief of staff Johan Fredriksen said he wasn't surprised that a blond, find zofran cod blue-eyed man was involved. He likely would have made a harsher statement if a Muslim was charged, find zofran cod homegrown or otherwise. Police also said very likely the two incidents were connected. No evidence proves it despite claims of explosives found on Utoya island where the shootings occurred. An anonymous police official said that "it seems that this is not linked to any international terrorist organizations, find zofran cod" adding it's "probably more Norway's Oklahoma City than (its) World Trade Center." Reuters said Breivik belonged to Norway's Progress Party, find zofran cod the second largest in Parliament, find zofran cod was a member from 2004 - 2006, find zofran cod and in its youth party from 1997 - 2007. Progress leader Siv Jensen indicated he left the party, find zofran cod wanting to disassociate it from anyone charged with terror attacks. Obama's initial reaction stoked war on terror fears, find zofran cod saying: "It's a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring, find zofran cod and that we have to work cooperatively together both on intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks, find zofran cod" implying Islamic involvement to justify America's imperial aggression. It's much too early to know or draw conclusions about Oslo. Yesterday on Russia Today television, find zofran cod this writer told viewers to be wary of official accounts, find zofran cod especially early ones later proved false. Red flags were also mentioned, find zofran cod notably when accusations are made quickly, find zofran cod naming names, find zofran cod followed by arrests. Police work takes time. Find zofran cod Often weeks or months are needed to solve crimes. In fact, find zofran cod many end up unsolved in closed case files. Quick conclusions should make everyone wary. More of the article/analysis can be found here: