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Seeking level heads and open minds in the midst of the media frenzy Another beautiful day in Southern California. I got up this morning, find zofran online went to the Farmer’s market, find zofran online bought my produce, find zofran online had a weak moment and bought a cinnamon roll and croissant at the donut shop and headed home. I unloaded everything into my refrigerator and headed to the computer, find zofran online logged into Facebook where I viewed more information posted on the latest situation involving the alleged “Oslo Killer”. My mind reeled from all the allegations, find zofran online assumptions and accusations so rapidly being printed and presumed apparently as fact, find zofran online so soon after the tragedy occurred. I was impressed, find zofran online although unfortunately not in a positive sense, find zofran online at the number of  individuals, find zofran online however well meaning, find zofran online who were consuming and assuming information as being the last word on the event that transpired Friday. As the saying goes, find zofran online “you get what you pay for”.   There is another saying as well.  “Insanity is doing (or believing) the same things over and over again and expecting different results”. Over the years, find zofran online I’ve sought to better understand historical events and situations as best I can, find zofran online and moreover sought to be as objective as possible, find zofran online in  observing how the media reports and covers events. For most of us who have taken Media Communications and History courses, find zofran online we probably, find zofran online at one time or another, find zofran online were schooled in the history or science of propaganda/media manipulation and how that has played a role in the media and the information we receive via television or print journalism. What is interesting is while many of us are aware and knowledgeable of such propagandizing of information, find zofran online we seem to have a sort of disconnect when it comes to applying such discernment to the information we receive daily. We seem to readily assume the information we are receiving as being factually sound because it is coming from a television or from a ‘reputable’ newspaper. We seem to fail to realize that such venues are where propaganda essentially originates and impacts us the most. When you include the fact that most, find zofran online if not all information outlets are sponsored by various products, find zofran online industries, find zofran online and Foundations with vested interests and agendas that are perhaps not made aware to the public at large. As such, find zofran online one could say such media outlets at the very least are largely influenced by those who sponsor or more importantly, find zofran online finance them. Back to the “Oslo Killer”, find zofran online I originally read about the tragedy like most of us probably - via the internet. Essentially all of the information I read “confirmed” an attack was made by a Norwegian man, find zofran online Anders Breivik, find zofran online who was pretty immediately characterized as a “radical, find zofran online right winged Christian extremist” (even though now there is information contradicting such information). I have no idea who this person is of course. What interested me was, find zofran online like other accused persons by the media in past events, find zofran online the immediate characterization and evaluation, find zofran online along again, find zofran online with the religious affiliation. Perhaps it’s possible and yet it also seems to accuse an individual before there is an opportunity for more information to come forward, find zofran online as what seems to be occurring in this case. It seems, find zofran online that like other situations and events, find zofran online there is more to this event than this one individual who is presently monopolizing the media spotlight. There is also evidence now that some of the information received about this person was obtained by a potentially fraudulent Facebook account. I think for most of us as Facebook users, find zofran online we are aware from our own experience and the experience of others, find zofran online the vulnerabilities, find zofran online the ease in which hacking, find zofran online wall manipulations ommissions and additions can occur, find zofran online so I don’t see how a Facebook account can be adequately leveled as a legitimate source with it’s ease of being penetrated by outsiders.  I will say it's interesting that the posts and comments I've made regarding the Oslo attack are not posting on my wall for some strange reason. Find zofran online   Censorship perhaps?  Why is this important? Well I think the importance speaks for itself really. If the means are pretty easily available to alter, find zofran online delete, find zofran online add, find zofran online manipulate a Facebook account, find zofran online then the ability to create an image that isn’t accurate is also available. One of my Facebook “friends” who I don’t know personally posted an article “Anders Breivik - Profile of a Mass Murderer” from the Guardian (, find zofran online which caught my eye, find zofran online namely again, find zofran online in the immediacy of the article being published and written after such short time. How does one write such a profile on a suspect so rapidly? I responded to her post posing questions to her about the article , find zofran online one being how can we assume such accusations and information is accurate, find zofran online especially after the media initially claimed it was enacted by “Muslim terrorists”? We could then immediately assume such information was correct after they had been incorrect with the initial accusation not long before? One would think the media networks would be sensitive to unloading such information. On the contrary, find zofran online it seems they don’t have to learn from past error, find zofran online certainly as long as we continue to unconditionally accept the information they are delivering. What equally concerns and interests me now, find zofran online is the apparent transition from “Islamaphobia” to “Christianaphobia”.   Neither such “phobias” in my opinion create anything other than unecessary division and irrational fear. I just saw a post of an article by another Facebook “friend” ( a person prominent in the Palestinian activist world)  titled, find zofran online “Why we should worry about Right Wing Terror Attack like Norway’s in the US” by Frank Schafer. This is, find zofran online mind you, find zofran online two days after an attack has been enacted in Norway and what better thing to do than ignite more fear and anxiety over a situation still unfolding. I posted a response with information pertaining to the potential Facebook false information being promoted by various Media outlets and she deleted the post altogether. Now it would appear, find zofran online we should transfer our fear or at the least redirect more of our energy into fearing situations that are at the least out of our hands, find zofran online and again, find zofran online being perpetrated by accused individuals without even a trial or any verification? Does this sound logical to you? I unfortunately will say, find zofran online that there are individuals in the world creating harm and destruction.   It is sad and such a waste and tragedy that there are people who promote conflicts like these. I had no intention of getting religious in this article.   And I won’t really. However since many in the media seem intent on doing so, find zofran online it’s worth noting that those who truly are “Christian” or “Muslim” are following leaders and ideologies who are the anti-thesis of violence. Why is it both Christianity and Islam ideologies/labels continue to be used by the media when describing such crimes, find zofran online when in reality is has nothing to do with the events at hand, find zofran online or certainly the philosopies of both religions? Of course there is the reality, find zofran online that there are elements of organizations that have been corrupted by money, find zofran online power, find zofran online etc. This is true of all organizations unfortunately - that they have the power to be corrupted. However, find zofran online such individuals who might use Islam and Christianity in particular as fronts to divert from their agenda, find zofran online and additionally to pollute the perceptions we have of those religions or political affiliations are not Christian or Muslim at all. Additionally I don’t believe they are either “right wing” or “left wing”, find zofran online however we believe those descriptions to be defined. In reality we all are a combination of various beliefs and thought’s that would place us in either a “left wing” place or a “right wing” place depending on simply what we are discussing at the time, find zofran online and how we view such issues we are discussing. While I have no idea or concrete evidence how or why this event occurred, find zofran online the media seems to be ignoring or overlooking the issues that could also potentially play an important role in what occurred. While there is talk about radical “extremism”, find zofran online there seems to be very little talk regarding Foreign policy issues present and perhaps prevalent, find zofran online and while they may or may not pertain to the event, find zofran online it would seem such issues should be considered as well. The strained relations between Norway and Israel pertaining to the recent support by Norway of granting statehood to Palestine has been an recent subject in foreign publications. Find zofran online Additionally the decision by Norway to withdraw it’s military jets from Libya has been considered as well. I understand why people don’t want to cover situations namely regarding Israel.  Many covering such issues of that region have been bullied, find zofran online spied upon, find zofran online inaccurately/unfairly categorized, find zofran online some threatened are afraid of losing careers and livelihoods for writing stories criticizing Israel’s policies. There are many gifted, find zofran online good writers, find zofran online who for whatever reasons or perhaps ideological beliefs of their own seem to be overly selective in their coverage on this event. Unfortunately, find zofran online they seem more motivated towards writing pieces which potentially could promote divisions, find zofran online and fuel fires between entities than granting more accurate, find zofran online objective coverage of the events that took place. Find zofran online   I hope that will change. There is a saying, find zofran online “the truth needs no defense”. While I believe that to be true, find zofran online I also believe the defense of fully examining all information so the truth can be more accurately defined, find zofran online assessed and understood, find zofran online  is also true. Find zofran online I hope we might better realize and appreciate the value in knowing the truth, find zofran online  and that the future we and those living after us will have more appreciation of what is really important and healthy for all, find zofran online and experience less fear and needless wrong doing like what happened on Friday.