Charming Bees and Mary Louise........ One of my favorite movies is Fried Green Tomatoes.  I haven't thought about the film in a long time and today I came across this interview with Mary Louise Parker, flavoxate who played Ruth in the film.  Interesting what politicking can go on behind the scenes..... Here's an excerpt from the interview: AE: Ever since Fried Green Tomatoes, flavoxate obviously, flavoxate you've had a ton of lesbian fans. MLP: Right on. Flavoxate AE: Do you ever wish — I know this is a long time ago, flavoxate but do you ever wish the story line on Fried Green Tomatoes was a little bit more — MLP: Yes! Well, flavoxate in some ways I do. Flavoxate I tried to make it a little bit more articulated at the time, flavoxate but they didn't really want to go that way. Flavoxate And in some ways I wish that it was, flavoxate and then in some ways I think maybe the audience wouldn't have gone there, flavoxate so I don't know — I have very mixed feelings about it. Flavoxate Because I tried — I really tried to push it (ie. Flavoxate the attraction between Ruth and Idgie) at the time, flavoxate and they didn't want to go there with me. Flavoxate AE: Who didn't want to go there? MLP: [emphatically] No one. Flavoxate AE: Not even your co-star? MLP: Oh no, flavoxate Mary Stuart did, flavoxate Fannie Flagg did, flavoxate but not the director, flavoxate not the producer, flavoxate nobody else. Flavoxate AE: Wow, flavoxate OK. MLP: But I was really trying to push it, flavoxate and they were like [shakes head]. Flavoxate AE: Times have changed, flavoxate I guess. MLP: Yeah, flavoxate for sure. Flavoxate More of the interview at: http://www.afterellen.com/people/2008/7/marylouiseparker?page=0%2C0