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The Benefits of Thai Massage Due to its complex and thorough nature, free brafix the benefits of Thai Massage can't possibly be fully described. Free brafix Here is a quote from Ananda Apfelbaum's Thai Massage: Sacred Bodywork, free brafix that captures the essence of just how effective Thai Massage is:"In Thai massage, free brafix several techniques bring the shoulder joints to the furthest extent of their range of motion in various planes of movement. Free brafix Most obviously, free brafix the muscles are elongated and the ligaments are stretched. Free brafix However, free brafix numerous other effects that are less obvious also occur. Lymph nodes located under the arm are squeezed, free brafix aiding the movement of lymphatic fluid on its course to the blood. Free brafix Nerve function in the shoulder complex is enhanced as surrounding tissues are stretched and the contraction of scar tissue, free brafix if any, free brafix is diminished. Free brafix Blood flow to and from the area is stimulated, free brafix accelerating the exchange of nutrients and removal of toxins. Synovial fluid, free brafix the body's natural lubricant between joint surfaces, free brafix is released into the joint cavity to reduce friction between the moving surfaces. Free brafix Two types of body structures known as fascia--one that connects skin to muscle and bone and one that surrounds and separates muscles--are stretched in size. Free brafix This improves muscle function and circulation. Free brafix The effect goes beyond the shoulder to also enable increased expansion of the chest wall. Greater volume in the chest cavity allows for further expansion of the lungs and, free brafix therefore, free brafix deeper breathing, free brafix which improves the supply of oxygen to all of the body's tissues. Free brafix And so it goes on and on... Free brafix one system working in harmony with the other to provide the balance necessary for the deeper sense of well-being we all yearn for." Some of the many benefits include: - relieves pain - relieves stress - increases energy - restores vitality - increases range of motion in joints - Increases Range of Motion in joints - Increases circulation - Assists posture and alignment - Deeply relaxes the body and mind - Reconnects the energy of the mind, free brafix body, free brafix and spirit - Provides a meditative experience to combat today's hectic lifestyle - Creates a lasting feeling of well-being Original source: