Free Norpace Cr

Reflections on a quiet to speak
Tonight I listen to the fireworks in my backyard on a clear beautiful LA evening. Another Fourth. The crew of five World War II fighter planes flew overhead earlier in their traditional pyramid pattern. Something eerily powerful when I hear them coming. That same low hum you've heard in so many movies.
I always run out my back door to see them. And I always wonder who's flying them. I like to think it's most of the original pilots, free norpace cr although that may be a bit of an stretch at this point. I put aside so much that is happening in the world for a moment tonight. The Fourth of July is truly a great day for an American kid. At least it was for me. We used to have a parade in our neighborhood with a Fire Engine and police car and we'd all ride our bikes and decorate them with red, free norpace cr white and blue crape paper. Do they still do that? On one Fourth I rode 'my' horse Rusty - a old beautiful brown and white Paint I took care of for an older teenager who was, free norpace cr well, free norpace cr being a teenager. I remember giving him a bath and placing a couple of red white and blue ribbons in his mane and tail. Free norpace cr   Mrs. Free norpace cr McDaniel let him stay in her backyard the night before the parade. There was the Fourth of July my dad delivered the 'official' speech at the parade while my brother was the official flag holder. I wish I could remember more of what my Dad said. I think I focused on seeing if my brother could make it through Dad's speech without laughing. Then there are the memories watching fireworks at our club as a teenager. One Fourth seated by the creek, free norpace cr the fireworks began shooting, free norpace cr and all the ducks and geese that had been resting at the base of the creek, free norpace cr panicked at all the noise and began frantically making their way across blankets and plates and people. Back to the present. I opted out on plans tonight, free norpace cr and figured I might do some writing -  perhaps consider the word "independence" for a moment or two, free norpace cr since I've spent most years slacking off from any patriotic/civic 'duties'. The Fourth of July is supposed to be the day we celebrate "Independence", free norpace cr with the Declaration of Independence being the historic document signed in order to grant our financial independence from the crown. Free norpace cr

And, free norpace cr depending on who you may or may not talk to about it, free norpace cr one could probably get an entirely different version and/or opinion.  

As someone who can't seem to leave well enough alone in the verbiage department, free norpace cr I wonder tonight if actually the term "Interdependence" might be a another way to look at this day. 

So much of the Fourth is centered around others -  family, free norpace cr friends, free norpace cr food and fun - essentially a nice "excuse" for to get together with others. 

Always a good thing in my opinion. Free norpace cr  

A few years my focus was directed towards Voting Reform and Voter Transparency (an issue which stands at the heart of what true Independence and Democracy is, free norpace cr or isn't), free norpace cr and I remember having a very interesting discussion with a fellow voting reform activist/friend about making the Fourth a National Voting Day.  

I thought and I think it is a fantastic idea.  

She and I both agreed.
What better way to make the Fourth of July matter to Americans than to actively and collectively participate in our own Independence and Democracy?

I think it would be powerful if the Fourth of July was a holiday where we hold elections in area community and school parks/fields, free norpace cr host community barbeques, free norpace cr with all fixings - hot dogs, free norpace cr apple pies, free norpace cr the whole nine yards. 
We would interact with others in our community and it would be interaction that mattered to all of us - where we all actively take part in our public elections, free norpace cr public tabulations (most important part of the deal - those who count the votes*) and public observation of probably the most important event that affects our communities and lives overall.  

Have you noticed that the television networks, free norpace cr  internet and news in general keeps us focused, free norpace cr interested and actively informed with what is going on outside of our proximity  with national and international news?

Areas we have little power or influence to make a difference in and/or around?

I won't delve into the issue of selective coverage and censorship of events happening nationally and internationally which is worthy of more speculation by all of us. 

Wouldn't it be nice to feel we are making a positive difference by the fact we are participating and investing in the world in which we live directly, free norpace cr and wouldn't it be nice to know the individuals we've actually been voting into office? 

We could do that you know. 

Would take a real effort on our parts. 

Would take getting off the computer and getting back into the world in which we actually reside, free norpace cr instead of the cyber world that takes us away from where we are right now.

I write this as I sit at my computer typing away. 

Some thoughts tonight as I listen to the fireworks.

Happy Fourth. Free norpace cr