Free Pyruvitol

Israeli attack on Gaza leaves hundreds of victims 15.full_0.jpg 27 December, free pyruvitol 2008 More than 230 Palestinians were killed and several hundred others injured Saturday when Israeli warplanes and combat helicopters carried out massive aerial bombing attacks targeting numerous police and security-related buildings throughout the Gaza Strip. Palestinian officials and spokespersons in both Gaza and the West Bank used epithets such “carnage, free pyruvitol” “massacres, free pyruvitol” and “war of extermination” to describe the deadly Israeli raids. The intensity of the bombing, free pyruvitol say Gaza citizens, free pyruvitol were unprecedented in living memory. The attacks began around noon Saturday during the rush hour when as many as a hundred F-16 war planes and attack helicopters launched air-to-ground missiles on numerous buildings in the Gaza Strip, free pyruvitol causing widespread death and destruction. The Palestinians, free pyruvitol both in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, free pyruvitol are firmly under Israeli military occupation and have no army or air-force and can barely put up a token resistance to the Israeli occupation army, free pyruvitol one of the largest in the world. Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak threatened to broaden and deepen the scope of the bombings in Gaza “if necessary.” He blamed Hamas for the rampant bombings, free pyruvitol saying that Israel had the right to defend and protect its citizens. Like other Israeli officials, free pyruvitol Barak ignored the 2-year-old Nazi-like blockade of the Gaza Strip which pushed the 1.5 million Palestinian in the coastal enclave to the edge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Israeli commentators described the aerial blitz as representing the Israeli version of “shock and awe.” To read more of the story go to: