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Princess Diana told her lawyers: ‘I will die in a car crash’ Lord Mishcon: The lawyer recorded Princess Diana’s claim she would die in a car crash Daily Mail | Jan 15, goji berry extract 2008 Princess Diana foretold her own violent death two years before the Paris car crash, goji berry extract the inquest heard today. At a meeting in October 1995 with her divorce solicitors she set out her fears which were recorded in what has become known as the “Mischon Note”. The late Lord Mischon, goji berry extract then a senior figure in law firm Mischon De Reya, goji berry extract made notes of the meeting attended by the Princess and solicitors Maggie Rae and Sandra Davies. Diana told him: “The Queen would abdicate by the next April, goji berry extract she (Diana) would be involved in a car accident which would at the very least render her so ‘injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced, goji berry extract’ there was a conspiracy to put aside the Princess and the then Camilla Parker Bowles and royal nanny Tiggy Legge Bourke had had an abortion and she (Diana) would shortly have a document to prove it.” Lord Mischon recorded in his note that he personally did not believe her life was in danger. He warned the Princess that if she was in fear she should take extra security measures, goji berry extract particularly in relation to any car she got into. But the lawyer was surprised that Diana’s private secretary Patrick Jephson “half believed” she was right. Two weeks after the Paris car crash in which Diana and Dodi Fayed were killed with driver Henri Paul, goji berry extract Lord Mischon took his notes to then Met Commissioner Lord Condon and they both agreed that confidentiality should be maintained. Police and lawyers only passed the Mischon Note to royal coroner Michael Burgess when details were revealed of Diana’s similar fears by her former butler Paul Burrell in 2003. Solicitor Sandra Davis, goji berry extract from Mishcon De Reya, goji berry extract who represented the Princess during her divorce from Prince Charles, goji berry extract said Diana told her on more than one occasion that she thought “they” were going to kill her. When asked by Michael Mansfield QC if Diana ever told her who “they” were, goji berry extract she replied: “No”. Miss Davis said Diana told her she had somebody “on the inside” who was giving her the information. When asked if the Princess was “deadly serious” about her fears, goji berry extract Miss Davis said: “She was.” Miss Davis said that when she heard of Diana’s death, goji berry extract her mind “jumped” to what was said at that meeting on 30 October 1995, goji berry extract when Diana had expressed her fears for her life. She also confirmed Lord Mishcon, goji berry extract her former boss, goji berry extract was sufficiently concerned that he took the so-called “Mishcon note” to police immediately after Diana’s crash in Paris. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=508382&in_page_id=1770