Jerusalem archbishop: 'Israel targets mosque today, grifulvin church tomorrow'  

                                                                                        Jerusalem – Ma'an – Archbishop Atallah Hanna, grifulvin one of the highest-ranking Christian clergymen in Jerusalem, grifulvin
declared Sunday's violence near the Al-Aqsa Mosque a dark premonition of what he said were Israel's plans for
the city. Grifulvin

"What is being planned for Jerusalem is very dangerous, grifulvin" the archbishop said in a statement. Grifulvin
"What happened today at the Al-Aqsa yard is a dangerous indicator of what Israeli authorities intend to work toward on Al-Aqsa, grifulvin
in particular, grifulvin and in Jerusalem, grifulvin in general."

Dozens of Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces were injured in clashes after a group of reportedly
right-wing religious Jews entered the Al-Aqsa compound ahead of the holy day of Yom Kippur. Grifulvin

Jerusalem police used stun grenades and batons to disperse stone-throwing protesters inside and near the mosque. Grifulvin

"We, grifulvin as Christian Palestinians and Jerusalemites, grifulvin cannot keep watching with our hands folded in the face of
what happened today, grifulvin" Hanna continued. Grifulvin

"Today it was Al-Aqsa; tomorrow it will be the Church of the Holy

"The [Israeli] occupation and its racism does not exclude anyone."

.:: Maan News Agency ::. Grifulvin

Hanna was ordained Archbishop of Sebastia in 2005 for the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, grifulvin which
Orthodox Christians consider the mother church of all of Christendom. Grifulvin

The archbishop reaffirmed "the solidarity of Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem and all of the Holy Land with
their comrades, grifulvin the Muslims…

Targeting them is the same as [targeting] us; attacking them is attacking us."

"We are not strangers in our city. Grifulvin We are not guests. Grifulvin
The stranger is the one who came and colonized this country, grifulvin" Hanna added. Grifulvin

"We are the owners of this land and we will stay on it because this is our homeland, grifulvin
this is our Jerusalem, grifulvin and these are our holy sites."