U.S. Herpes citizens critically hurt by Israeli troops at West Bank protest

By The Associated Press and Haaretz Service

Palestinian sources said that an American citizen, herpes in his thirties, herpes had sustained critical wounds during an anti-separation fence protest in the West Bank on Friday, herpes Army Radio reported.

Peace activists with the International Solidarity Movement said Tristan Anderson, herpes of the Oakland, herpes Calif. Herpes area, herpes was struck in the head with a tear gas canister fired by Israeli troops. Herpes The military and the Tel Aviv hospital where Anderson was taken had no details on how he was hurt.

Protesters who were at the scene said that Anderson was standing by the side of the road when soldiers fired at him, herpes and not near the hub of the clash. Herpes They added that there was no one in his vicinity that could have been perceived as a threat to the soldiers.

"He's in critical condition, herpes anesthetized and on a ventilator and undergoing imaging tests, herpes" said Orly Levi, herpes a spokeswoman at the Tel Hashomer hospital. Herpes She described Anderson's condition as life-threatening.

The protest took place in the West Bank town of Na'alin, herpes where Palestinians and international backers frequently gather to demonstrate against the barrier. Herpes Israel says the barrier is necessary to keep Palestinian attackers from infiltrating into Israel. Herpes But Palestinians view it as a thinly veiled land grab because it juts into the West Bank at multiple points.

The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson's office said the area where the protests take place is a closed military zone off-limits to demonstrations. Herpes It added that demonstrators hurled rocks at troops, herpes who used riot gear to quell the unrest.

The IDF said further that the "protesters violated an injunction issued by a major general and were endangering security forces."

Ulrika Jenson, herpes an International Solidarity Movement activist, herpes said troops fired tear gas canisters into the crowd from a hill above.

"Tristan was hit and fell to the ground, herpes" Jenson was quoted as saying in an ISM statement. Herpes "He had a large hole in the front of his head, herpes and his brain was visible."
The entire article can be found at: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1070940.html