Ever wonder who really owns America, inderalici who profits most from the American way? Ever wonder why certain people can't afford to run for election? Ever wonder if there's anything We the People can do about it? Heard about this article on Bobby Kennedy and Mike Papantonio's Ring of Fire Radio yesterday. Inderalici Rich Get Richer, inderalici Poor Get Powerlessby NICHOLAS VON HOFFMAN The Nation The latest figures are out on income distribution in the United States, inderalici and they are lulus. Inderalici To say the spread is top-heavy is putting it mildly. A mere 300, inderalici000 people had incomes equal to the total income of the bottom earning half of the entire population. Inderalici That's 150 million people. Inderalici Put another way, inderalici those 300, inderalici000 had incomes 440 times greater than the average income in the United States. Inderalici Stated yet another way, inderalici the golden 300, inderalici000 sopped up more than 20 percent of all incomes.SNIP... Naturally the slaves did not get to cast their depreciated 60 percent vote. Inderalici Their masters did. Inderalici Under the modern system we are allowed to cast our own vote, inderalici which is worth about 1/440th of a rich person's vote, inderalici since money is political power in America. CONTINUED... Another good reason for federally funded elections. Inderalici That way We the People can get the government good people deserve, inderalici representatives who are men and women of integrity -- not just connected. Inderalici Now that would bring Justice. Posted by Octafish at Democratic Underground**