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 Mankind is our business... Perhaps due to the continued rainfall (never rains in California?) I've felt deluged with a volume of thoughts on what I might write pertaining to the holidays. Lioresal free delivery   So much so, lioresal free delivery I've been tempted not to write at all, lioresal free delivery which is usually the time I need to write the most. The holidays, lioresal free delivery in particular the Christmas holidays, lioresal free delivery are an interesting time for me for a variety of reasons. Lioresal free delivery   Come to think of it, lioresal free delivery holidays can be an interesting time for many if not most of us for a variety of reasons.....  Talking to friends and in reading articles relating to Christmas and the holiday season it's easy to find that many are stressed out and less than enthusiastic due to the often felt pressure of purchasing gifts and time constraints that can come during this time. Lioresal free delivery   For some years, lioresal free delivery I've kind of taken a Christmas hiatus because it seemed everywhere I looked, lioresal free delivery the idea of Christmas was being marketed and exploited to the point of being, lioresal free delivery in keeping with the rain theme, lioresal free delivery over saturated. For some reason this year has felt somewhat different. Perhaps I'd done my share of hibernating and I've actually felt more 'in the spirit' and have enjoyed putting the garland on my mantle and decorating a bit.   Haven't pulled out the Christmas tree but one step at a time...... Lioresal free delivery What has also been welcomed has been an element of season here in Los Angeles.  It's been lovely to see the leaves turn to a brilliant orange on the streets as I walked and/or drove through the neighborhood. As I've mentioned there have been many thoughts on the holidays. On the internet, lioresal free delivery the overly- hyped debates and political correctness still and sadly pervade in our media, lioresal free delivery which I don't believe serve any productive purpose really, lioresal free delivery other than to create unecessary static where it need not be. For any individual to be made to feel guilty for celebrating their holiday whether it be Christmas or Hanukkah is an act of disrespect and diminishment itself, lioresal free delivery is it not? I would actually enjoy learning more about other holiday traditions than Christmas (in which I was raised) and celebrations because our holidays seem to bring enjoyment to all of us, lioresal free delivery especially the children. It's a wonderful opportunity for us to become more inclusive and well-rounded, lioresal free delivery if we could come to view it in such a way and as such a time. This year I've tried to make more of a point to have friends over, lioresal free delivery and while I haven't given an all out party, lioresal free delivery it's been nice to have friends over to visit and catch up. There's always enjoyment in making that happen. Lioresal free delivery   My house feels more energized when I do. Today, lioresal free delivery after an overload of precipitation and internet reading, lioresal free delivery along with becoming pretty dismayed with all the various situations confronting us in the world and here in California, lioresal free delivery I managed to pull a quote from the mental file, lioresal free delivery from the movie "Scrooge" (the Albert Finney version, lioresal free delivery and while I don't have a copy of Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' I would imagine from there it is derived) where the ghost of Jacob Marley, lioresal free delivery (not the Ghost of Christmas Present**) says , lioresal free delivery "Mankind is our business, lioresal free delivery Ebenezer, lioresal free delivery but we seldom attend to it" Says it all. And how clear it becomes, lioresal free delivery especially when I take the opportunities given to me to be with friends and those I care about. Even though I fall short all too often in my duties as a human being on planet earth***, lioresal free delivery today I was reminded again, lioresal free delivery perhaps in a more sobering way, lioresal free delivery that mankind is our business. As I look back at my recent posts, lioresal free delivery so much has revolved around a very volatile place in the Middle East, lioresal free delivery in which such volatility pervades and reverberates in almost every other place on the planet today. It is my hope and prayer that this season and the upcoming year 2011, lioresal free delivery will be a time where we can conger up our courage, lioresal free delivery find the importance and the conviction to care more about our futures with one another, lioresal free delivery and to seek to know and understand others, lioresal free delivery  and welcome dialog and questions no matter what they are and where they take us. And perhaps we can actually enjoy the ride, lioresal free delivery and/ or at least find the merit in engaging in such a process of discovery. One thing I continue to learn, lioresal free delivery is the more I learn the less I seem to know, lioresal free delivery and the truth, lioresal free delivery along with life is a journey and not a destination. Correction** Watched Scrooge again.  It was Jacob Marley who said "Mankind is our business Ebenezer and yet we seldom attend to it".  Ooops!