Marine Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach and Her Unborn Child Murdered: Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean Sought Last November, luvox Maria Lauterbach, luvox 20, luvox of Dayton Ohio, luvox enlisted in the Marines in June of 2006, luvox and became part of the combat logistics regiment based at Camp Lejeune, luvox North Carolina.    She worked for Marine Cpl.  Cesar Armando Laurean, luvox 21, luvox who was her senior officer. In April of last year, luvox Lauterbach reported to her commanding officers that Laurean had raped her.  Officers issued a protective order and assigned Lauterbach and Laurean to work in different buildings.   The protective order was renewed twice, luvox in April and September.  It was renewed again in January, luvox but by then Maria was dead. Lauterbach was pregnant as a result of the rape.  She would have felt the first flutters of life in her womb in July or August. Luvox By the time the protective order against Laurean was issued for the second time, luvox the top of her uterus, luvox the “fundus, luvox” would have risen above her waist and her pregnancy would have begun to show. During all of the months of the military investigation, luvox Maria had to continue to work not far from her rapist who, luvox she said, luvox harassed her in an ongoing and intensifying way despite the protective order, luvox the harassment reaching such unbearable levels by December that she felt forced to move off base and rent a room.  Investigators nevertheless say they didn’t consider Laurean a “threat” to Maria Lauterbach.  For some reason they thought Laurean and his rape victim were on “friendly terms.”  Of course, luvox these were the same investigators who felt concerned about “inconsistencies” in Maria’s account of the rape, luvox and who, luvox according to papers filed in the case said Maria was facing a “possible discharge” from the Marines.  No reason for this “possible discharge” was given.  It was probably similar to the actual, luvox not possible, luvox discharge my niece was given after she was raped by two men while she was serving in the Navy in the Gulf Coast and just before she was to give birth.  The discharge would have stripped her of all of her military benefits.  Those were restored to her only after she sued and later settled with the Navy, luvox and only after the two men who raped her were charged, luvox found guilty and sentenced to time in the brig.   During the investigation, luvox someone, luvox either Maria’s mom or her stepmom — news reports differ – said Maria was a “compulsive liar, luvox” and had “bipolar disorder” and these allegations showed up in papers filed during the investigation.  They must have been a welcome relief to invesigators eager to believe what Laurean, luvox her superior officer, luvox who had raped her, luvox was telling them – that it was all consensual, luvox that Maria was a  liar, luvox that she made the whole thing up, luvox that she got herself pregnant and it wasn’t him, luvox or if it was, luvox she wanted it.  The reference to her bipolar disorder was an effort to discredit her in the way the mentally ill are often discredited, luvox as though what they say about themselves and their lives should be suspect. Luvox If investigators included these facts and Maria ended up injured or dead, luvox the military could point to some basis for not having protected her.  Her uncle said her family was just trying to give as much honest and comprehensive information as they could so as to cooperate with investigators, luvox and that he wouldn’t say Maria was a compulsive liar, luvox only that when she was stressed, luvox she might stretch the truth.  Well, luvox yeah.  When a woman knows her blood is in the water, luvox for example, luvox  and she’ll be punished for telling the truth, luvox she may well ”stretch” it in order to survive.  The same thing was said of my niece, luvox that she was a “liar, luvox” and some other things as the Navy refused and refused and refused to treat her fairly until they had no other choice but to do so.   But my niece sure didn’t lie about the baby she was carrying who is now six years old and being raised by her alone.  Neither did Maria Lauterbach lie about the baby she was carrying, luvox whose body lay next to hers in that man’s fire pit night after cold December night until finally another woman — Maria’s rapist’s heartbroken wife –told police where to find them. By the time the order came  down that the case be submitted to the military’s version of a grand jury in October, luvox Maria’s pregnancy would have been obvious to everyone.    By the time she was interviewed by prosecutors about the rape in  early December, luvox she was eight months pregnant.   When investigators contacted Laurean asking to meet with him, luvox he disappeared.  He knew it was just a matter of time before the truth would out, luvox the DNA tests would be ordered.   He had a wife back home and a small child, luvox and his wife was going to have to be told. Lauterbach’s mom, luvox Mary Lauterbach of Dayton, luvox Ohio, luvox last spoke with Maria on December 14 and reported her missing on December 19.  Her cell phone was found near the gate to Camp LeJeune on December 20th, luvox and a male attempted to use her ATM card on December 24.  On December 26 she missed a prenatal appointment. Laurean A search warrant for Maria was issued in early January, luvox and a few days later, luvox Cesar Armando Laurean sent a  letter to his wife in Florida saying he had buried Maria’s body in his yard.  He said he didn’t kill her, luvox she had killed herself, luvox by slitting her own throat.   Investigators say that wasn’t possible– there was voluminous blood everwhere in the house, luvox spattered all over the walls, luvox spattered on the ceiling.  After Laurean’s wife turned her husband’s letter over to police, luvox they went to his home and found Maria’s body buried in the backyard.   The body of her unborn infant was found near hers.  They had been burned in a fire pit like so much trash. Police are searching for Laurean’s black Dodge pickup with North Carolina plate TRR-1522.   He has been sited several states away, luvox in Louisiana. Luvox The families grieve, luvox and mourn, luvox both Maria’s and Laurean’s.  This would be “just” another rape and murder of “just” another woman of the type that occurs every day in the U.S., luvox except that it was yet another instance of a woman soldier raped by a soldier, luvox in this case her superior, luvox who then murdered her.  To serve in the U.S. Luvox military, luvox for a woman, luvox is a dangerous proposition, luvox not only because of enemy troops and the dangers of war, luvox but because of the chance she will be raped and possibly murdered by fellow troops.  How many women are, luvox or have been, luvox raped in the military and never tell?  How many women have been murdered by fellow troops and it was covered up, luvox so that we will never know about it? Let justice flow down like water, luvox someday, luvox somehow. ***Special thanks and gratitude to "Heart" at, luvox and all her courageous and compassionate work.